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Inspiration Nation.

Sorry, I like rhyming.

I've always said that this world is lacking two very important things: Love, and inspiration.

Although love is probably the most important thing out of those two (and, everything else in the world if we are being brutally honest), without inspiration, what are we? Who are we?

I haven't really thought these series of monthly posts through fully yet. The first few will be celebrities that are inspiring me to be the person that I want to be. After that, I'll probably write about my friends and family, because without a doubt, they are a huge reason I am who I am today. Then? Who knows. It'll probably be more about "real" people, the ones who don't have much going for them... they are not rich or famous or extraordinarily talented, but what they do have they share with the world.

Be patient, this list will grow slowly!

Oh, and please, feel free to submit who inspires YOU! 


Hayley Williams


Demi Lovato




Randy Pausch