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It feels as though these posts are drowned in the amount of rubbish I post on this blog... I don't want this blog to become a symbol of selfishness, nor do I want to be remembered as "that girl who kept posting pictures of Whoopi Goldberg with a shocked face". I'm not asking to be memorable, because let's face it, I'm not. But hopefully, the points and stories that I am trying to convey or tell on this blog will be remembered, so you can learn from others knowledge or mistakes.

  Eating disorders and the 
perception of beauty

Everybody Knows Somebody

Vanity shall Kill us all

The Definition of Beauty

The world has truly gone Gaga 

What is the true definition of beauty anyways?

Dying to be thin

Society's scream

TV: Pulling the trigger on eating disorders


Horrors of Pro-suicide websites

Wake up and smell the withering roses 

Only love can cure us now

Self Harm

Gun laws

Why I think that America needs to enforce stricter laws on firearms (and why they won't)

Mental Disorders

Who's attention seeking now?

Society's scream

You are Not Alone

Reach Out

Beware of You


Are you boycotting companies... or are you boycotting love?

Don't forget about the victims of our hateful society

Only love can cure us now

Society's scream

Why are we still fighting?

Domestic abuse

You may be a million miles away, but you're still close to my heart 

Human trafficking

Love 146

Human Trafficking Awareness day


Dreams and reality don't need to be...


Why can't we be happy all the time?

Define yourself


I don't hate a lot of things

One year on


Think before you tweet...


Define yourself

A lesson in mourning (society's reaction to tragic events)

21 hours to... (The Japanese earthquake/Tsunami)

Respect for Pink (F**kin Perfect video)

Separating fact from fiction: Kony 2012

Thrills of Live Music

Four lettered words are the most powerful words in the English Language

Fears over online friends with problems

The death of sentimentality

Women in the music industry

I'll add to this section, hopefully a lot more over the next few months. 

Until then, I hope you can find something in there to ease your heart and soul...

Keep smiling.