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Blogger, full-time bum and proud owner of a rubber duck named Bert. Come say hi. I don't bite. Unless you're a cheesecake, then I'd recommend backing away slowly.

About me

I act on my blog like I act in real life, so of course I'll forget to do one of the first things that I should do: introduce myself.

The amount of times I've held full conversations with people before shyly asking "Sorry, what's your name?" is truly ridiculous. 

After posting on this blog since the 16th October 2010, I've finally gotten around to writing a post that properly introduces myself, which can be found: here.

Ask me any questions in the comment section of that post... or this page actually. I'll answer almost anything. Almost. 

So... nothing else to add other than I hope you enjoy a couple of the posts that you can find on this blog, and take care!

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