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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Attack of the phantom garlic

Or, if you'd prefer it's sequel: 'Attack of the Phantom Garlic: Revenge of the Stereotypical French-man'.

My Mum walked into the house tonight and we had a conversation a bit like this:
MUM: *sniffs* Why does the house smell of garlic?
ME: It doesn't smell of garlic Mum. I haven't been cooking with garlic (in other words, I haven't bought and microwaved anything with garlic in it).
MUM: Smell!
ME: *sniffs* ... That's creepy.
I wish I could say that life has been more interesting than this but... 

I'd be lying!

This blog has been abandoned for a good few weeks, in term of day to day posts, for the main reason that other than saying I can now play 'I'll Be There For You' on ukulele (YES), I've really had nothing to report.

So... I'm going to try to determine where the source of this garlic is and then I'm going to destroy it. Maybe stick a basilisk fang through it, you know, make sure that it can't come back. Ever.

I think that this is genuinely the biggest waste of a post that I have ever written. Sorry that you had the misfortune of reading it.

Hope you're all doing well!

Lauren xxx

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