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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lipgloss junkies

Yesterday was odd, in a fantastic way.

Odd like...

(conformity is for losers)

Or this
(Dog walk dog)

Or even this...
(Please tell me that that is merely the stem
to his flower costume)

It was the first time in what is essentially seven months since I last saw some of the coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

I've been telling Christie that we would go for a coffee for ages (i.e. seven months) and yesterday marked the first time that this became a reality. 

Go us.

Kyle was due to meet us in town, but it took him a while to get there, so Christie, her friend Claire and I headed to the Disney store...

Because really, when you're in your late teens, is there any better way of spending your time?

I wish I could tell you that I didn't pick up a Lion King toy, hold it up to the sky and say "SIMBAAAAA" but...

I Rafiki'd the shit out of that situation

There's a small castle in the store (emphasis on small, because the targeted customers seem to be children for some odd reason), which all three of us went through, and we began to wave the wands at the mirror.

When you do that, a Disney princess comes on screen and a wee scenario plays out, a different one for each wand.

Claire wanted to buy something so she could speak to her friend who was working behind the desk, so she chose two lipglosses.

Claire went through a tube of this lipgloss in three minutes flat.

A number of you may be wondering to yourselves "Why did she go through it so quickly Lauren? Did she have lips drier than a post-menopausal snake in the middle of the Sahara?"


She ate the lipgloss.

At this point, I was most definitely thinking to myself "Yes, I can most definitely see us becoming friends".

She then told us that she could see herself becoming addicted to the lipglosses.

The band name Lipgloss junkies were born, which we decided would be an all girl rock band that would beat up Blood On The Dance Floor for a living.

We headed to Starbucks after that. 

It was a highly productive chat. 

We came up with the best idea for a celebrity show, which involves Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.

Which we imagine going a little like this:
And we also came up with not only the lead single for Lipgloss Junkies ('Choke Choke Swallow'), but the album title for Christie's band.
ME: Nando's comes up with Chickenland when you pay for it with a card.
CLAIRE: That should be the name of your album Christie, you'd get sponsored by Nandos! *Christie's eyes light up*

Also, poured some out for my homey Ross. 

This was the second attempt to get a decent photo of this by the way... the first one featured premature snapping.

We also had a giant rant about 'scavs', or, a scene/chav crossbreed.
CLAIRE: It sounds like a disease.
ME: They are a disease... to society. 
Lots happened between this time and Altered Sky's gig at night, including:

  • A serious debate about sweetcorn
  • Accidental stalking session
  • Inflatable hen party penis business proposition 
  • Hamsters in crotch pouch conversation
  • The band name Microwavable chihuahua being born
  • Seeing Steve, Amy and Rich again and properly speaking to/meeting Ana, Ross, Neil and Megan
Then it was time to watch Altered Sky's performance...

I can't stress it enough guys, go and see them live. The Tunnels has such a tiny stage, but the way they were jumping about and giving it their all, it felt as though they were playing a much larger stage, to a much bigger venue.

They work in perfect sync too. Genuinely, their headbanging could not be more perfectly synchronised if they tried. 

And I always appreciated how great Amy's drumming skills were, but oh my God... I was not prepared for how amazing it sounds live. I swear, she's the human representation of Animal from the Muppets (in drumming terms, of course).

Seriously though, do yourself the favour and go catch them live, they are a great live band and they are the sweetest group of girls and guys that you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Lauren xxx