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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Focus, fool!

If focusing your mind were as simple a task as focusing a camera, then life would be a much easier ride for us all.

I've been abandoning this blog and I know that I need to post more often, but this is honestly what my brain resembles right now:
Hollow, empty and dark...
Much like my soul

Speaking of focusing however, we were filming Alex's creative project today at college.

It's a short film about a builder (Dougal, trying to act macho) who has a conversation with God (an alcoholic, bitchy female played by our lecturer, Sara). The concept alone sounds pretty cool, but Alex's script is just a stroke of genius. 

In the morning, Ryan and Danny had to move some of the lights on the lighting grid to light up the green screen. 

They gave us all heartattacks.

The expensive and unbelievably heavy light then fell...

Us, basically

We all stare up at the lighting grid, and then look at eachother
RYAN: That's what safety chains are for!
We then managed to get the scaffolding stuck, causing Danny and Ryan to TILT THE SCAFFOLDING.

It happened twelve hours ago and my heart still hasn't recovered.

Danny gives Ryan a high five once the job was done:
ALEX: Do that again, but less excited. You don't deserve a happy high five.
They do it again, glumly this time.

Really, it was a very successful shoot.

More scenes being shot next week so, let's hope that goes just as well!

Lauren xxx

P.S. Kind of short, but my mind feels a bit like scrambled eggs at the moment and it hurts to blink, so forgive me!

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