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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Why have you got a tangoed E.T. on your head?

You know how sometimes I'll give you a title that sounds completely wacky but sounds semi-normal when it's put in context?

Yeah... this isn't one of those titles.

I wasn't sure what room number we were in today, so I literally followed the sound of 'Gangnam Style' to find my class.

It's like our trail of breadcrumbs, only it's Korean breadcrumbs. And by Korean breadcrumbs, I mean the Korean equivalent of the 'Macerana' and the 'Numa Numa' song (don't try to deny that this is the case).

Dean showed us some of the 'Harlem Shake' videos on youtube, which appears to be the new trend.

If you haven't heard of it yet, this is my favourite one to start you off:

So we set out to film our very own 'Harlem Shake' video... in the lift!

Dean and I headed to the edit suite and grabbed a few props, including this one:

This is more terrifying than the thought of getting
a blow job from Hannibal Lector.

And this:

Papa J and his baby hoover.

This was when the problems began to start. We sourced our props. We found our location. But the camera we took out didn't have a lens wide enough to film the lift in all it's glory, so we tried to take out a DSLR.

The DSLR didn't have video recording capabilities. So we had to wait for this wee flip style type camera.

It was perfect. 

Dean placed it over a CCTV camera in the lift so it looks as though the footage being recorded was that of the CCTV camera.

Dean pulled his wooly hat over his face and placed his glasses on top of it. He came into the lift and began to dance in silence once the doors closed.
SECURITY WIFEY: *muffled* I'm sorry, but you can't film in that lift. Health and safety.
DEAN: *whispering* This is really awkward. How long am I meant to do this for?
Long story short: we had covered up the CCTV camera, and that's a huge problem because it looked like we were filming the CCTV camera... which basically says to security "I am a terrorist plotting to bomb your building". Which is clearly not what we were aiming for.

I would say there was about nine students, two members of staff and two security people standing in the corridor in a huddle, talking about filming in lifts.

Two girls come out of the toilets:
GIRL: Waaaaaay, are you guys getting in trouble?
SECURITY WIFEY: No, they're not getting in trouble.
GIRL: Hahaaaaa.
RYAN: *sarcastically* Nice leggings.
After lunch (Old Schoolhouse, where else?) we went up to the gym to film in the men's changing rooms. As you do.

We got poor Ryan to strip off in order to start the video. 

Jack put the fake-tanned, polysterene head on top of his head and zipped his jacket right up so you couldn't see his face (for the first shot anyways).

It reminded me of what E.T. would have looked like if he was dipped in a vat of fake tan.

E.T. phone tanning salon?
E.T. feels like a 'Twilight' reject in this shade.

The final result looked like this.

It's been an odd day guys. Even by my standards.

Happy fat baby celebration day everyone!

Lauren xxx

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