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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Waffle on

Keeping it short, but going to have a quick summary of the week's events.


Headed to Starbucks with Maddie after college, where we lusted over waffles.

Maple syrup drenched food of the Gods.

We then went on a little hunt to find some of dymagate's street art. He does this awesome thing were he writes cute little messages on mini padlocks and hides them around the city for people to find.

Maddie found one first, and then on the way home, I found one of my own (above). It wasn't a good start to the day, so it was a welcome little pick me up.

At night, I went to the music hall for my first gig of 2013, the amazing Two Door Cinema Club. They were supported by Swim Deep and Bastille. 

I knew Swim Deep were supporting, but Bastille were a fantastic surprise. I think I actually preferred them to the headliners actually!

Anyway, I reviewed the gig here for Flares 'n' seagulls, if you'd like to read it any look at some of the professional photos that George took.


Lost my class for three hours in the morning. Yes. 

Not much to add really. Tuesday was hard. 


Rocking to Fall Out Boy in my pyjamas. Bum life.


Megan came home on Wednesday night, so she took Emma around on Thursday so I could finally meet her. She's absolutely lovely, and I'm glad that Megan has a friend like her down in Glasgow with her. Hurray for friendship!

It just made me realise how much I'm missing Megan though. Boo for missing friends.

At night, I played a trivia game with my Mum and Dad

The answers look a little bit like this...
ME: What is a chemically castrated cock called?
MUM: A capon?
ME: Oh, I thought it was cap on.
DAD: ... That wasn't the cock I thought you were referring to.
ME: What is a kakapoo?
DAD: A mixture between a caterpillar and a poodle.
ME: What is the world's most widely used vegetable? *Mum laughs* You're filth!
ME: A squid in New Zealand had the biggest what ever seen? *Mum slowly turns her head towards me, looking terrified* I'll give you a clue, it's not that.
ME: What does a tailor do with his plonker?
ME: What does a raccoon do before eating its food?
MUM: Pees on it!
ME: It washes it.
MUM: Same thing!
ME: It's not the same thing Mum. It REALLY isn't.
MUM: Who invented popcorn?
ME: Henry Pop.
ME: What is six inches bigger in summer?
DAD: A penis

Awesome day involving hanging out with my Mum and then going to see 'Flight' at night with Michelle.

It has been... a crap week. Let's not lie.

Hope your week has been better!

Lauren xxx

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