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Friday, 4 January 2013

Would you like some spotted dick?

"Excuse me, waiter? This is not what we ordered."

2013? I've got to admit, you're pretty legendary already, and it's only the third day of your three hundred sixty five days of fame. 

Yesterday, Michelle and I had planned on going to see 'Life Of Pi'. Obviously, because it was us, this plan fell through. I turned up late (as if I even needed to add that detail in) and Michelle didn't realise that it was a 3D showing. So the screen was packed and not in the format that we wanted to see it in. 

And all of the other films that were on in the next hour and a half were full, so we headed to HMV instead.

I said that I wouldn't spend any HMV vouchers before I had bought Biffy Clyro's, Tegan and Sara's, Twenty One Pilot's, General Ghost's, Jimmy Eat World's and Paramore's new albums with them. 

As if I have that much will-power.

I went in and bought 'Absolution' by Muse and 'Free' by Twin Atlantic because I felt the need to buy new CD's.

Michelle was happy just to reminisce about the time that she helped a blind man find his way to Superdrug:
MICHELLE: I told my Mum about that and she said "Do you think it was a part of an experiment, to see how many people would help a blind man on Christmas Eve?"
ME: That seems... really paranoid. 
We just went back to hers to hang for a little while after that.

We were talking about letting friends go:
MICHELLE: I feel bad about not talking to them, but I mean, let the sink ship! Wait... that's not right. 
 Good to have a catch-up with her.

Chloe came and picked me up in her car later on that night, it was the first time that I had actually seen her in months, which is kind of sad in a way, but it felt like we had never been apart. 

Our friendship summed up in a photo

I climbed into Chloe's car... and found myself staring at the ceiling.

The last person had reclined it half way back, and half way towards the back, so not only could I not see out of the windows, but I couldn't see Chloe either.

Chloe then blares the Crazy Frog, and it looks like I'm cruising. To the Crazy Frog of all songs.

Just your average day, you know?

Chloe caught me up on all of the things that were happening in her life. Obviously, I'm not going to go into detail about them, but I will say that she told me a story which forced me to shout this at her:
ME: ... Why can't you get a nice, quiet boy for a change Chloe? Huh? JUST GO TO WATERSTONE'S AND PICK ONE OUT.
I learned that her Mum and Dad are trying to foster a kid too, which is pretty huge. I was confused about the whole fostering idea. Apparently, you don't get to pick out the gender/colour/size/age of the kid, you just get a random one.

It's kind of like Argos in that aspect.

Anyways, fingers crossed for them!

We played Mario for the Wii U after that with her little brother Ewan. I don't know who was getting more angry/excited by the game, Ewan, Chloe, or me.

Who am I kidding,
of course it was me.
I just bloody love Mario.
EWAN: LAUREN, what are you doing? 
ME: I was tapping!
CHLOE: You didn't do very well at protecting us.
 That being said, Chloe was getting pretty worked up too:
CHLOE: Build a staircase!
EWAN: I'm doing that!
CHLOE: No, a staircase. Not a tower! A STAIRCASE.
She drove me home soon after that. I genuinely thought she was going to crash into a lamppost because she was laughing so hard at my face of confusion upon picking up a wire and realising that it had two audio sockets. Apparently, I unplugged it.

It was a "you had to be there" moment, and even then, I think it was a "you had to be there and you had to be Chloe" moment, because even I wasn't sure what she was laughing at until we were half-way back to mine.

The moon also looked amazing last night, but you'll have to take my word for it. All I had was my iPod, and you obviously can't zoom in using your iPod.
ME: I can't get a good photo of it, it's too far away!
CHLOE: Well, I can't drive any closer to the moon!
Today was spent down in McArthur Glen with my Mum and Dad. Had such a great day! 

Some photos from today:

We went to the restaurant with the trees again. It's a tradition.

Mum was upset because Dad was saying that she should go for the senior citizen menu. I had a scan over it:
ME: Would you like some spotted dick Mum?
MUM: HAH! £5.99? That's good. Better that £5.69.
ME: A 69 joke? I've never been so proud. 
Come home and what do I find?

Limited edition 7" 'This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race' on purple vinyl had came through the door.

Late Christmas present.

Vinyl: the gift that keeps on giving.

Lauren xxx

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