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Monday, 7 January 2013

My willy is bigger than wee Wally

Found him...
It's as though he doesn't even try anymore.

First day back at College. Great day, but I'm shattered. I was feeling pretty manic last night, so I thought "Screw it, why even bother going to bed for an hour? Let's just pull an all nighter. Let's get stuff done."

'Stuff' turned out to be Bejeweled Blitz. Until three o'clock in the morning, so I had three hours sleep.

I turn into Boo when I'm sleep-deprived.
Just kidding. As if I could be that cute.

Chatting with Dougal on the bus to College. We headed to Starbucks so he could pick up a £1.50 latte when we got into town.

He poured about half of the sugar container into his cup:
ME: Would you like some coffee with your sugar?
DOUGAL: Piss off! 
Awwww, friends.

We had law first thing today. Which, isn't half as mind-numbing as you'd first suspect. 

We were learning about famous court cases, including that of Louise Woodward (or, as Dougal so sensitively put it, 'shaky baby lady'), among others.

Class was a bit of a blur.

Dean, Jim, Dougal, Ryan, Alex, Katie, Jack and I headed to the Old Schoolhouse for lunch. It was nice to see everyone together again. Those guys are the best.

Most of them got beers:
DEAN: *sits down with a coke, realises everyone is staring at him* What?
JIM: No pint?
*Nothing more is said*
DOUGAL: Really? I get more shit for getting a shandy than he does for getting a coke? 
Pretty much.

We discovered that Jim has a pretty good recollection of Dean's pyjama bottoms.

As you do.
DEAN: I've got Where's Wally bottoms. He's on my willy.
Someone suggested that he should ask his girlfriend "Where's Wally?!".
DEAN: I've already done that, so she'd know what was coming.
JIM: Well... you'd hope that she knew what was coming. Maybe you should cut a little hole out  where Wally is so you could... emerge.
DEAN: I'm not saying that I'm huge, but my willy is bigger than wee Wally. 
We got told that we would be doing assessments in the weeks to come in the afternoon. 

My group goes first. Tomorrow.

And I'm up, wide awake, writing to you all.

I really need to work on my priorities.

Maddie gifted me with a few rolled up fruitella packets, and in exchange, I made one of them into an origami duck.
MADDIE: I will keep these forever.
ME: As will I.
MADDIE: I will send you a photo of this.
ME: Me too.
I am a woman of my word.

So nice to be back.

Lauren xxx

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