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Thursday, 24 January 2013

King of the jungle!

Dean was recreating the classics today.

Today started off badly, and got progressively better, which is much preferred to the usual start the day off well, and watch it become progressively worse.

The only good thing about the morning was the weather. This picture really, really doesn't do any justice to Aberdeen in the snow.

Basically, the sun was just beginning to rise and everything was covered in a wee 'sieving' of snow.

Sieving was a snow related term that my Mum coined, after having this conversation:
MUM: How's the weather at home?
ME: *looking out the window* It's like... you know when you bake a cake? And you dust a little icing sugar, or flour on top of it, to make it look nice? That's what it looks like here.  
MUM: Oooh, a sieving.  

College has been unproductive all week, so I went in to class today blaring the 'Rocky' theme-tune, ready to knock the crap out of the huge pile of work that is mounting up in relation to the production of my short film...

First of all, as you can probably guess... little work was completed.

Second? I lied about the 'Rocky' theme-tune. I went into class listening to Fun.

Maybe that's where I was going wrong? Who knows.

Anyway... the day slowly became less and less bearable as the morning stretched on. Most of this anger, hurt and confusion was caused by the timetables for next block.

Basically, the timetables change on Monday. They only went on blackboard on Monday. They were altered today.

On Monday, we were all happy to see that we have two full days at college, and three days free, so we can come in to see lecturers, work on our production or go out to actually film our creative projects.


We're in Monday 9am to 11am.
We're in Tuesday 9am to 5pm
We're in Thursday 1.30pm to 5pm.

And it's genuinely pathetic. The two full days were perfect. I wouldn't have minded three full days either, if we're being honest. But don't waste people's time by calling them in for two hours. Two hours? Are you actually kidding me.

I'm not the only one angered by this decision.

Dougal wrote a strongly worded, two paged complaint about the changes.

Jim can't learn how to become a dot com picker now.

It's all just a bit of a disaster.

Even worse? We don't have Ryan or Simon as lecturers next block. 

Let's just say, we're dreading next block.

Headed to the coffeehouse with Dougal and Sara in the afternoon though, which quickly cheered me up. We managed to score a window seat...

Not wanting to brag or anything, but they're never available, and we just strolled in and took over. 
ME: This is the greatest moment of my life.
DOUGAL: You've lived a very sheltered life, haven't you? 
You're talking to the girl who counts "own a bean bag" 
as one of her major aims in life. Are you really
that surprised by this fact?

Just seeing Sara again cheered me right up, love that girl. The fact that it was another LSD coffee trip only boosted my mood even further. 

Sara had just went to Lush before meeting us, so she whapped out her happy hippy gel to let me smell it.

It was then I noticed the little made by sticker on it:

ME: Oh my God, Snoop Dogg made this for you.

She was also telling us about her problems with people who shouldn't be emailing her, emailing her. 

Sara opens one to show us and "INCREASE YOUR LIBIDO!" pops up.
SARA: They... they don't usually say that.
Dougal grabs the iPhone and looks at the email. Then he only goes and bloody clicks on the photo, which turns out to be a link:
ME: What did you click that for?!
Poor Sara sprays her mocha in fright. 

I don't know why I found this so hilarious, but I legitimately cried with laughter. I didn't even know that you could do that in real life. Comedy shows have taken this action for granted man.

Went back to class in the afternoon and Ryan had prepared a movie/sound revision quiz for us, bless him.

Jim and Dean got him a few presents, and a card (for passing his driving test, even though he hasn't just passed his driving test).

They also gave him three DVDs...
  • A tai chi DVD
  • The third film in the Barrytown trilogy, 'The Van'
  • And (my favourite) a Mr Motivator DVD
Dougal, Jim and I were in one team, and Dean, Przemek and Isabella were in another.
RYAN: What is the circle of confusion?
DOUGAL: Is that what the people who come up with our timetables identify themselves as?  

The best round was undoubtedly the quotes round however, where teams had to finish off the quote provided and tell Ryan which movie they came from:
RYAN: Okay... Dean's team... "E.T..."
DEAN: "Phone home!"
RYAN: And what movie did it come from?
*Dean's face goes completely blank for a second*
JIM: He looks like when you go to Starbucks and they ask you for your name, and you just take a blank.
But the best was yet to come...
RYAN: "I'm king of..."
DEAN: "The jungle!" 
*Everyone starts killing themselves laughing*
DEAN: No! No! The world!
RYAN: Yes! What movie did it come from?
DEAN: 'Spiderman'! 
I literally can't remember anything after that... I think I might have passed out from laughing so hard.

It's always interesting to see just how dramatically your day can turn around. Life keeps you on your toes like that!

Lauren xxx 

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