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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I can never look at a box of celebrations in the same way again

Your brain apparantly releases the 
same endorphins eating chocolate as it does
whilst you're having sex, so the sexual links
that we gave each celebration should really be

I don't know what I believe less; that yet another Hogmanay has come and gone, or that I've actually done something worth writing about on said Hogmanay.

Mentally high-fiving self right now. It might have taken your eighteen years, but it seems as though you've finally shed your eternal loner label. Congratulations Lauren.

The thing worth writing about was Kristina's party. That and, my Mum and I went to Starbucks to grab what will probably be our last Toffee Nut Latte of the season.

Our pain: he feels it.

You can't see it, but my cup says Loren.
I may be channelling my inner Ting Tings when I say this,
 but that's not my name.

The guy who was serving us was adorable.
BARISTA: You'll be having whipped cream, right? There's no other way!
ME: Oooh, obviously! Can't say no to whipped cream.
BARISTA: Can I interest you in our lonely muffin *gestures to a muffin, the last of its kind* We can't give them away, but if we don't sell them, they have to be thrown out. 
It's not every day that you have a man trying to sell you his last muffin.

I christen him the muffin man.

Anyway, enough about muffins. I headed over to Kristina's house party later on at night. 

The good thing about parties is that I can be late and everybody's just like "Oh, look at you, being fashionably late", instead of the usual "FOR GOD'S SAKE LAUREN, WHY ARE YOU NEVER ON TIME?!"

Had a fantastic time, couldn't think of a better way to start off 2013 than being surrounded by friends.

Friends and rubber ducks.

That duck (held so lovingly by Ross) was probably the most popular little guy at the party, other than perhaps his purple/pink sister.

His sister was getting thrown up and down the stairs in a game of ducky in the middle.

Don't even ask.

In the last five or six minutes of 2012, I decided to look forward and see what the New Year had in store for my friends and I. For some reason, the first thing I thought of was:
ME: ... You're going to Disneyland next year.
KELLY: Disneyworld.
ME: A world of Disney?! Can I come with you!
KELLY: Sure!
ERIN: Disneyland?
KELLY AND I: *in unison* Disneyworld.
ME: A world of Disney.
ERIN: Can I come in your suitcase?!
KELLY: A lot of people are coming in my suitcase.
Needless to say, there was a flood of "coming in your suitcase" jokes for the remainder of the night.

Ross brought a box of celebrations for Kristina, and it prompted a discussion about how Kelly could make any word sound dirty, if she said it in the right way.
ME: I can't open my milky way. 
KELLY: Ooooh, milky way.
ME: Ooooh, malteasers! Teaser salad! You're such a  tease.
Kelly threw her head backwards to laugh.
ME: Oh my... you're laughing like a sorority girl!
I mimic what she just did, in a more caricature fashion. Kelly does the sorority laugh again. She realises what she's doing this time however, and begins to laugh uncontrollably. Which in turn, causes me to laugh uncontrollably.
ERIN: *turns around to the both of us in tears* What... did I miss something?
We're too busy laughing to answer.
I explain the story.
ME: But it was a "you had to be there" moment. Even though you were here. But you weren't.
Beautiful way to start New Year. 

It's nice to hang out with your friends sometimes, and be reminded just how lucky you are in life.

Hope you guys had a great New Year's too!

All the best for 2013.

Lauren xxx

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