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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Guess the movie answers

People have been obsessing over a new iPhone game called Guess the movie, so I thought that I'd make up a list of answers for those who are tearing their hair out because they've ran out of hints and can't figure out some of the minimalist posters. 

Hope this helps!

Best of 2012 movies

'The Hobbit'
'Kung Fu Panda 2'
'Rise of the Guardians'
'Life of Pi'
'The Lorax'
'Wreck it Ralph'
'Hotel Transylvania'
'John Carter;
'Wrath of the Titans'
'Total Recall'

Posters - Level 1

'Black Swan'
'Ghost Rider'
'Iron Man'
'Superman Returns'
'Toy Story'
'Wall E'

Posters - Level 2

'Despicable Me'
'District 9'
'Green Lantern'
'James Bond'
'Kick Ass'
'Phone Booth'
'Shutter Island'
'The Artist'
'The Hangover'
'The Love Guru'
'The Village'
'War of the Worlds'
'X Men'

Posters - Level 3

'28 Days Later'
'A Christmas Story'
'American Beauty'
'Enter the Dragon'
'Fantastic Four'
'Finding Nemo'
'Free Willy'
'Harry Potter'
'In Time'
'Kill Bill'
'Kung Fu Panda'
'Monsters Inc'

'Snow White'
'Sleepy Hollow'
'Super 8'
'The Avengers'
'The Incredibles'
'The Karate Kid'
'The Prestige'
'Top Gun'

Posters - Level 4

'A Bugs Life'
'Alice in Wonderland'
'Austin Powers'
'Captain America'
'Catch Me if You Can'
'Die Hard'
'Forrest Gump'
'Home Alone'
'Indiana Jones'
'King Kong'
'Little Miss Sunshine'

'Mary Poppins'
'Midnight in Paris'
'Mr and Mrs Smith'
'Oceans Eleven'
'Planet of the Apes'
'Pulp Fiction'
'Reservoir Dogs'
'Sin City'
'Snakes on a Plane'
'Star Trek'
'Taxi Driver'
'The A-team'
'The Blair Witch Project'
'The Dark Knight'

'The Devil Wears Prada'
'The Dictator'
'The Fly'
'The Godfather'
'The Great Escape'
'The Hunger Games'
'Inglorious Basterds'
'The Lord of the Rings'
'Silence of the Lambs'
'The Simpsons Movie'
'The Terminal'
'The Terminator'
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'
'The Truman Show'
'There Will Be Blood'

Posters - Level 5

'Ace Ventura'
'Back to the Future'
'Blood Diamond'
'Breakfast at Tiffanys'
'Charlies Angels'
'Edward Scissorhands'
'Face Off'
'Fight Club'
'Ice Age'
'Jurassic Park'
'Little Red Riding Hood;

'Men in Black'
'Mission Impossible'
'No Country for Old Men'
'Pirates of the Caribbean'
'Requiem for a Dream'
'Resident Evil'
'Star Wars'
'Sweeney Todd'
'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
'The Dark Knight Rises'
'The Departed'
'The Exorcist'

'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly'
'The Green Mile'
'The Hurt Locker'
'The King's Speech'
'The Lion King'
'The Matrix'
'The Pink Panther'
'The Ring'
'The Shawshank Redemption'
'The Social Network'
'The Usual Suspects'
'The X Files'
'V for Vendetta'
'You've Got Mail'

Posters - Level 6

'101 Dalmations'
'The Last Airbender'
'Bruce Almighty'
'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'
'Child's Play'
'The Da Vinci Code'
'Dumb and Dumber'
'Full Metal Jacket'
'The Goonies'
'Gullivers Travels'

'I Robot'
'Jay and Silent Bob'
'Life is Beautiful'
'Man on Wire'
'Million Dollar Baby'
'Moby Dick'
'Mr Poppers Penguins'
'My Cousin Vinny'
'My Week with Marilyn'
'Night of the Living Dead'
'Old School'
'Pans Labyrinth'
'Pretty Woman'

'Return of the Jedi'
'Saturday Night Fever'
'Saving Private Ryan'
'Shaun of the Dead'
'The Adjustment Burea'
'The Birds'
'The Three Stooges'
'The Adventures of Tintin'
'True Grit'
'Vicky Cristina Barecelona'

Super hard pack

'American Psycho'
'Angels and Demons'
'Cowboys and Aliens'
'Dirty Harry'
'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'
'Independence Day'
'The Invisible Man'
'The Italian Job'
'Mars Attack!'

'Meet Joe Black'
'Minority Report'
'Moonrise Kingdom'
'Office Space'
'Peter Pan'
'Pirates of the Silicon Valley'
'Snow White'
'The Sound of Music'
'Speed Racer'
'Pirate Radio'
'The Shining'
'The Thing'
'Tropic Thunder'
'The Boondock Saints'

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