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Monday, 31 December 2012

Twelve for twelve

If you're reading this... congratulations. The world didn't end on December 21st and we're free to live happily until the next planned apocalypse is due to take place (which, by my estimations, gives us at least another month or so).

2012 has been an eventful year. Finishing school, staring college, getting rejected from John Lewis, reviewing lots of fantastic live music events, celebrating the blog's 50,000th view, getting rejected from John Lewis, celebrating a number of my friend's eighteenths as well as my own, passing my driving test and... oh yeah, getting rejected from John Lewis. 

It's become something of a tradition of mine to sum up the year's events in a post. 

So, here's twelve of my favourite songs, albums, movies, quotes (from people i know/met) and days of the year.

  1. 'Try' - P!nk
  2. 'Sweet Nothing' - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
  3. 'Bones' - Young Guns
  4. 'Give Me to the Waves' - General Ghost
  5. 'Breaking the Law' (alternative version) - Emeli Sande 
  6. 'Terrified' - Among Savages
  7. 'Closer' - Tegan and Sara
  8. 'Chester's Burst Over the Hamptons' - Kishi Bishi
  9. 'Floored' - Make Sparks
  10. 'Fox's Dream of the Log Flume' - mewithoutYou feat. Hayley Williams
  11. 'Black Chandelier' - Biffy Clyro
  12. 'Little Talks' - Of Monsters and Men
Albums (and EPs)
  1. 'The Truth About Love' - P!nk
  2. 'Bones' - Young Guns
  3. 'Give Me to the Waves' - General Ghost
  4. 'Our Version of Events' - Emeli Sande
  5. 'Go' - Motion City Soundtrack
  6. 'Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind' - Among Savages
  7. 'One Man Army' - Kassidy
  8. 'Some Nights' - Fun.
  9. '151a' - Kishi Bashi
  10. 'Electra' - Marina and the Diamonds
  11. 'Beacon' - Two Door Cinema Club
  12. 'Coexist' - The XX      

The first six are my favourite movies that I've seen in the cinema, and the latter six are my favourite movies that I've seen at home. 

"In Nolan we trust" was my motto for the first half of the year, and upon watching the conclusion to his Batman trilogy, you could see why. I still don't think that it bet 'The Dark Knight', but it was still an amazing conclusion to one of film's greatest trilogies.

I haven't been so moved by a film since watching 'Up'. I'm so glad that I watched 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' alone, because the amount of times that I teared up whilst watching this was insane.

3. 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It's amazing how a film can make you feel nostalgic over memories you've never experienced, or people you've never met. 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' was easily one of the best movies of the year. I felt a little bit different coming out of that cinema screening than I did going in. It's not many films you can say that about.

4.'Silver Linings Playbook'

At the present moment, this film is underrated. Although, I suspect that this will be subject to change, once the academy award nominations have been posted. Some truly breathtaking performances are in this film, and I expect it to receive a few Oscar nominations. Fingers crossed.

5. 'Looper' 

Undoubtedly one of the best concepts of the year. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in a film about time-traveling assassins? Count me in.

6. 'Ted'

My favourite comedy of the year had to go to 'Ted'. The way Ted shouted "BACK OFF SUSAN BOYLE" at that kid had me in stitches for weeks.

7. 'Shame'

I'd wanted to go see this in the cinema at the start of the year, but because I was still seventeen, I couldn't. It was definitely worth the wait however. As heartbreaking as it was raw, it was perhaps the most stunning piece of cinema I've seen in recent times. Fassbender, Mulligan and director McQueen were all very much overlooked at last years Academy Awards.

8. 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest'

I adore this trilogy. Fincher's remake of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' was great, but in my personal opinion, nothing compares to the original films. I loved the conclusion, it had me hooked from start to finish.

9. 'American Psycho'

Very few films are as ballsy as 'American Psycho'. You've got to watch it to believe just how utterly insane it is, and even then, you probably won't believe that a film could be so utterly insane. Christian Bale is fantastic as Patrick Bateman and the film has became a cult classic for many different reasons. I'd elaborate more, but if you'll excuse me "I have to return some video tapes..."

10. 'Little Miss Sunshine' 

Instantly fell in love with this film. The chaotic representation of family life was probably more true to reality than most films this decade. A great script teamed with a fantastic cast resulted in this absolute must see. Oh, and Abigail Breslin? I pronounce you Queen of quirkiness. 

11. The Help'

Another film that I was dying to see at the start of the year, in the cinema but completely missed. That makes me sad, because I could have never have anticipated just how beautiful this film is. The acting, the script, the message... it was all perfectly concocted into this little gem of a film. There was a good mixture of moving moments and hilarious situations, it truly deserved all of the Oscar nominations and critical praise that it received.

12. 'Goodfellas' 

Quite possibly my favourite Scorsese film, 'GoodFellas' was a stunning portrayal of a gangster lifestyle. Just annoyed at myself for taking this long to finally getting around to watching it.

1. Paramore show
The 21st August 2012 marked the second time that I was lucky enough to see my favourite band performing live. This time was a little bit different than last. The main reason being that the band now only have three members, instead of five (Josh and Zac Farro left at the end of 2010, just after I saw Paramore live for the first time). The other reason was that I travelled down to Edinburgh for the gig by myself.

That didn't mean I was at the gig by myself however. I met up with a lot of people that I have been speaking to on twitter for ages, and became acquainted with others that I had never spoken to before at all. Beautiful day.

And then, of course, the gig itself was amazing. Couldn't fault it in the slightest. I was smiling all the way from Edinburgh, back to Aberdeen.
2. Emeli Sande and Nandos with Halle
That's a link to the review by the way, and not a post on the day because I was clearly too lazy to write one. 

The good people of Flares 'n' seagulls gave me two reviewers tickets to Emeli Sande's homecoming gig at the music hall in April, and I obviously jumped at the chance.

So I tweeted Halle and we decided to go to the gig together.

We went for a Nando's first, and she introduced me to the magic that is a Mango and Lime wrap. Best thing on the menu, endlessly yummy.

When we got to the venue, we realised that we had some really great seats.

Only a few metres away from her parents.

Claim to fame. 

3. Bowling with the gang 
One of my favourite days of the decade, let alone the year. I love hanging out with this group of people so much, and it's days like these that makes me feel grateful for everything (and everyone) I have in my life.
4. Passed driving test
The greatest achievement of 2012 (other than learning to juggle) was passing my driving test. Mum and Dad taking me out for Dinner to celebrate was just the icing on the cake of a truly great day.
5. English night out at Rustico's
Sara had an unbearably strong desire for crutons, Dougal showed off how sophisticated his tastes are by ordering swordfish, my English teachers drank themselves into oblivion and I mistook a fork for a spoon. 

It was a fantastic night, but we outstayed our welcome. At half eleven, the waiters tried to kick us out by heavily hinting that it was time to leave. The lights went off, the tables were cleaned, the music was switched off and they all stared at us with hatred. The teachers were too drunk to notice this, so we continued to talk into the small hours of... well, midnight.
6. Nandos with SALAD, 'Dark Shadows' and Yo! Sushi with Kelly
SALAD's (Sara Andrew Lauren Andrew Dougal) semi-regular day out. This time, we went to Nando's. Who was to anticipate that Dougal would end up working for the chain a few months after this visit?

Rounded off the day by seeing Kelly, who introduced me to the magic that is crispy M&Ms. Love.
7. Kyle and Rachel's 18th
 Kyle stripping to LMFAO has been eternally etched on my mind after this night.
8. Yo! sushi with Kelly, Pret a manger with Kristina and the torch relay concert with Halle, Gemma and Lucy
An insanely busy day. Laughs were had, friends were made, and food was demolished.
9. Yo! Sushi, Kilau and Pizza hut and 'Fight Club' with Megan
Yo! Sushi seems to be the thing that most of my favourite days of 2012 have in common, right? Wonderful day. Perfect way to send Megan off to Glasgow. And for what it's worth, this was definitely the best pigeon run of the year.
10. Dean's get-together
Far too many inappropriate conversations were had on this day, and I loved every single one of them. From grammarical errors in porn adverts, to that infamous mince and tatties comparison, this day was legendary.
11. Pub quiz with Dougal, Dean, Alison, Jim and Ryan
I've been wanting to do a pub quiz for years, and thanks to my college friends, I finally got the chance. 8th November will forever be known as Jim Day.
12. Florence and the Machine
So glad to have finally seen Florence and the Machine perform live. I'm glad to say that it exceeded my already high e"That's a melon. It's from Brazil." "I know, Igot it today. It was a long journey." "Did you go by pedalo?" "Idid. I'm so tired."xpectations. And I'm also glad to say that I saw them with Sara and Sarah, the lovely ladies. I raise my cup of IRN BRU to you both.

1. JOEY: *said everytime he served us in Starbucks* Wheeped creme?
2. ME: Why do you think the laughing cow is laughing?
SARA: It's because he's got awesome earrings. And because he's only a head, so he can't be made into burgers, or be milked!
3. SARA: It looks like where Pingu lives! 
ANDREW: An igloo?
SARA: Yeah.
4. LEONARDO (AT THE BEACH): Oops, didn't mean for that to happen... good job I brought my eraser! 
5. KELLY: *falls over pot-hole, turns around and screams at it* I DON'T LIKE HOLES!"
6. HAZEL: *referring to the penis intermingling involved in snail porn* I would cut that off and hang it somewhere! That's beautiful.
7. MUM: I had one liqueur... And a wine gum. I think the wine gum was one too many.
DAD: That's what you get for mixing your drinks.
8. CAPTAIN CAMERA: *trying to come up with memory tricks for the figure of eight polar response* You can remember this by... thinking of it as a bird's eyes view of two Mexicans talking to eachother, whilst wearing sombreros. Looking the other way, with big noses.... having a Mexican stand off with two pirates. *draws lines from ovals* Whilst holding their arms out.
9. MEGAN: It's like going to a strip club and only seeing one bum cheek.
10. DEAN: There's plenty more fish where that came from.
11. ME: That's a melon. It's from Brazil.
MUM: I know, got it today. It was a long journey. 
ME: Did you go by pedalo? 
MUM: I did. I'm so tired.
12. NIKKI: *text to her boyfriend* I put more energy into Paramore's performance tonight than I have shagging you 
I hope that 2012 was as good to you as it was to me, all the best for 2013!

Lauren xxx

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