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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Men's boxers for women, now with 20% more crotch pouch!

Genuine conversation I had with my Mum today:
ME: Why don't more girls wear guys boxers, and just use the pouch for holding things?
MUM: ...
ME: What would you even call the pouch?
MUM: The pee-pee flap?
ME: That sounds like a gay bar Mum. I was thinking more like... the penis compartment?
Dad, later on, suggested the cock pit, which is perfection.

Jodie said that she has wanted to buy guys boxers for the storage space (or, maybe she just wanted guys boxers because let's face it, they are much cooler than the shiz girls have to put up with when it comes to underwear). I read it out to my Mum, because she didn't believe me.
ME: See, other girls would use it as a storage area!
MUM: What are you going to store there? Nuts?
ME: Cashews?
MUM: No, peanuts. Besides, lots of women wear men's trunks. *pauses* Trunks! 
She then makes an elephant noise, whilst making a boner gesture with her hand.    

Just your average, every day mother/daughter conversations.

Lauren xxx

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  1. The Pee Pee Flap... hilarious. I wanted to tell you that I really like your blog and I also read your post about "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", which I tremendously enjoyed. In fact, I even wrote about it here: www.artbyarion.blogspot.com