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Monday, 12 November 2012

Life waits for no-one

Hey guys,

I've been thinking about life a lot recently. Life seems to be a relatively big topic to cover... but my mind's been working overtime trying to figure some things out.

The people that fill your life; your friends, your family, the people you recognise but don't recall ever talking to... I can't get over the fact that none of these people are permanent fixtures in your life, that despite all your love and admiration for them, they'll eventually leave you, voluntarily or otherwise. Maybe they'll move away. Maybe you'll fall out with them. Maybe they'll stick with you to the bitter end, only to bid you farewell with their final breath. Who knows? All that we know is, all the people we love most in the world? They're not going to be by our sides forever.

And that can be hard to process at times.

I look back at where I was in my life only six months ago, and where I am now, and it confuses me to no end. How can so much change, yet so much stay the same, over the space of a few short months? 

The main thing I keep thinking about is college. The people I've met there in particular. Six months ago, I had no clue that any of them existed. Six months on, and I have no clue how I managed to live a happy life without them. 

Partnered up with that, it shocks me how fast my friends and I stopped talking once we no longer shared the common ground of school. People that you spent six years with, bonding, laughing, consoling... their friendship seems to vanish, with you feeling as though you've just swapped your friend for another acquaintance. 

People drop in and out of your life at a breathtaking speed, which is something we've all become accustomed to. But I can't stop thinking about how we're all so oblivious to what's around the corner. How strangers can become lovers and friends can turn into enemies at the drop of a hat has always been a mystery to me.

I don't know. Sometimes, I compare life to an empty room. When we're born, it's completely bare, walls a virginal white and not a piece of furniture in sight. As we grow older, our room becomes more cluttered. We decorate it with people and art and souvenirs... things that define who we are as people, and reflect our personalities. And when we die, the room is never inhabited again, but neither is it forgotten.

Apologies for the lack of purpose to that post... sometimes, you just need to put your thoughts onto the screen to see if they make anymore sense in pixel form than they do in your own head. They very rarely do.

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  1. Can I say that that was genuinely awesome and fascinating. But you've ruined to amazing poetry of the phrase "virginal walls" for me by mentioning inside out genitals. Another in a long list of sentences I thought I'd never say.

    Also, any fans of Lauren's blog should jump on over to www.thehappydischarge@blogspot.com for something...else. Sorry for hijacking you blog to talk about mine. Please keep this up, it's really, really good.