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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

YALDI! It's saved as a mov!

Geek chic:
It's making a come-back.

If you guys aren't movie geeks, or have never had to work with video formats, than you probably don't have a clue what a .mov is. No worries. Here at confessions of a movie geek, we like to inform you of the ways of the world.

A .mov is a standard QuickTime multimedia format. You can use it to save/play audio, video, effects and text in the form of subtitles. 

Basically, it's a video file format.

Boom. You've been educated.

Rightio, good day at college again. Our group was editing, which is a bit of a pain in the ass at the present moment because I'm still confused by Avid, but hey, who can complain?

After our trip to Yo! sushi on Monday, in which we all bonded over katsu's and yakisobas, Dougal essentially mounted Dean, Ryan started wafting the beef teriyaki's wonderful odour towards him anytime it past him on the belt because he couldn't afford to order it, Joanna came close to pancaking a family that was sitting in a booth and preventing her from eating some noodles and the girls ended up using chopsticks to play drums, much like that classic 'Flight of the Conchords' scene:

Only, less awesome

Uhh... just a quick recap.

Anyway, after that, we decided that we'd film a video for our class mascot, the night terror. Video detailing the origins of this mysterious character should be on youtube soon.

Dean cycled home to get him kit (a camera and a chest mounted tripod) so we could film Dougal getting murdered by Dean for 'being a bastard'.

We needed a sword that Night Terror bought off his Granny ("because she's too auld for killing noo"). But due to: 
  1. The short time scale
  2. The lack of budget
  3. The fact that we wanted the style to be 'no-budget, crappy super-villain movie made by students' like
...we decided to get a plastic knife from the Streat.

Only, they didn't have plastic knives. Only the crappy 'metal knives'.

The guys complained loudly over the lack of the plastic knives and took one from muffin break instead.

Half of us had to bail due to reasons (Yay for specificity!) so we left Dean, Jim and Isabella to film the video.

Well, we just kind of left them. We thought that they'd reschedule after Dean said this:
DEAN: *after filming three seconds* Oh... I've uh... forgot my memory card.
Immediate reaction: "For God's sake Dean! What are you playing at?!"

Which should have been our second reaction... because our first one should have been: "Hey Dean, did you check your bag?"

Nope. It wasn't. No-one mentioned the bag. The bag was forgotten about.

So Dean cycled all the way home, to the opposite side of town, to look for his memory card. Where was it? In his bag.

Fast-forward to Tuesday morning. Dean comes in triumphantly, and shows us the beautiful video that can be seen below:

"Night Terror is here! His Mission? To save us from all
 the bastards in this world. So don't be a bastard!"

Add this to the many reasons that I love my college class. 

As said previously, we were just editing yesterday. I edited the 'cancer curing tea' interview that we filmed the previous Tuesday. I nearly had a nervous breakdown over our inability to use a macro shot because I needed to have the audio from a previous scene cutting over the audio of the shot, and after half an hour of trying to figure out how to do that? I realised that I couldn't use that shot, because you could hear Katie's voice, but could see her jaw wasn't moving. WEH.

I now know why people hate editing so much.

We had a short break at about 11, which went a little like this:
DEAN: *wanders over to table* Where's Papa J?
RYAN: Honestly?! *gestures to Dean's direct left, where Papa J was sitting, about two centimetres away from him*
RYAN: "Oh, where's Papa J? Ugh! I must have left him at home!" then you cycle home, look for him on your shelf and think, "Oh! He must be at college!"
The guys then started talking about their penis sizes, as the only girl there, I thought it would be best to start la-la-laing in my head to block out the guy talk.

"What's that about a baguette? 
No, nope, don't wanna know."

When we got back to class, we watched Dean's old videos. 

Captain (Maddie) and co-captain (Rebecca) were sprawled out on a table during this video:
CO-CAPTAIN: *Lying on Captain* You're comfy.
CO-CAPTAIN: "Hello... is it me you're looking fooorrr?"
CAPTAIN: Serenade me bitch. 
At the end of the video, we were all thinking the same thing...
"Still a better love story than 'Twilight'." 
The quote of the day though, was still when Dean saved the origins of Night Terror video onto his memory stick from Dougal's disk:
ME: There you go Dean, it's on your USB now.
DEAN: *checks* YALDI! It's saved as a mov! 
Lauren xxx

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