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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stresses of a music lover

When you're stressing out, people often recommend you listen to music.

Don't listen to music.

It's great, but addictive. And once you get addicted to music, there's no going back. You will become obsessed with band news and pining over merch. You will wake up at 7am just to ensure that you're awake for the 9am pre-sale of your favourite band. You will want to go to see every band that is coming even remotely close to your area, and will be close to tears when you realise that you're bankrupt and can't afford to do that.

Seriously guys, don't do it.

Basically, I'm sitting here, staring at Biffy Clyro's pre-sale screen... which has been the thing I've been doing since 8.30am. It's now 9.39am. 

I got in, entered in all of my details and clicked send...

Only for the internet to cut out.

It's Michelle's favourite band, besides maybe the Foo Fighters. She's bought the last few tickets, it's the least we could do. So if I don't get them today... there will be hell. Oh yes. There will be hell.

Seriously guys. Don't get attached to music. It will cause you a lot of stress over the years.

Lauren xxx

P.S. Got the tickets! Going to freak out for the next day or so and then cry because I now have roughly £2.57 to my name.

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