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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Christmas presents ideas 2012

Christmas is fast approaching, and there will soon be an army of crazed shoppers decending on the high-street suffering from the annual epidemic I like to call 'Oh crap, it's Christmas!' syndrome.

There's no cures, only prevention. So prepare yourself for this holiday season by coming up with a list of things to buy your loved ones. And if you come up blank for a few of them? No worries. I've given you a list of gift suggestions below, divided into categories:
  • Sentimental Sally's
  • TV and movie geeks
  • Comic book nerds
  • Photographers
  • Lovers
  • Travellers 
  • Thespians
  • Book nerds
  • Retro lovers
  • Geeks
  • Sport fans and adrenaline junkies
  • Animal lovers
  • Borderline alcoholics
  • Cooks, bakers and BBQ kings
  • Clothes and jewellery
Let me know if you know of any other gifts that would be good in these categories, or if you'd like help to find a present for your loved one. 

Sentimental Sally's

Photo frame clock (available in either black or multi) 
£19.99 from iwantoneofthose

£29.99 from iwantoneofthose

TV and movie geeks

£9.99 from gettingpersonal

£34.99 from gettingpersonal

£24.99 from truffleshuffle

Comic book nerds

Personalised superhero mug for him/for her


Music lovers

£99.99 from gettingpersonal

£5 from suck

Both £36.99 from gettingpersonal

£17.99 from gettingpersonal

£19.99 from gettingpersonal

£18 from notonthehighstreet

£49.99 from truffleshuffle

£12 from johnlewis

£24.99 from truffleshuffle

£13.49 from iwantoneofthose

£7.99 from iwantoneofthose


$3.60 from etsy

£22.99 from gettingpersonal

£20 from suck

£44.99 from gettingpersonal

£19.99 from gettingpersonal

£99.99 from gettingpersonal


£11.99 from gettingpersonal

£14.99 from gettingpersonal
£8.99  from iwantoneofthose

£14.99 from iwantoneofthose

£19.99 from lemy

£105 (any flag available) from notonthehighstreet

£9.09 from amazon

$6.95 from etsy

£29.99 from etsy

£21.95 from zazzle

£99.99 from gettingpersonal

$4.95 from etsy
Book nerds

£12.99 (other classic books available) from gettingpersonal

£10 from truffleshuffle

Retro lovers

£10 from urbanoutfitters
£14.99 from gettingpersonal

£14.99 from gettingpersonal

£4.99 from gettingpersonal

£15 from punkypins

£12 from punkypins

£15.99 from truffleshuffle
£22.49 from iwantoneofthose

£9.99 from truffleshuffle
£8.99 from  iwantoneofthose

£27.49 from  iwantoneofthose

£58.99 from iwantoneofthose


£19.99 from gettingpersonal
£5.99 from truffleshuffle
£18 from punkypins

£8 from punkypins
£3 from punkypins
£7.99 from truffleshuffle

£19.99 from truffleshuffle
£17.99 from  truffleshuffle

Sports fans and 
adrenaline junkies

£16.99 from gettingpersonal

£49.99 (also available for other stadiums) from gettingpersonal

£99.99 from gettingpersonal

£74.99 from gettingpersonal

£6.99 from gettingpersonal

£69.99 from gettingpersonal
£29.99 (other team's shirts also available) from truffleshuffle

£9.99 from iwa
Animal lovers
£22.99 from gettingpersonal

£16.99 from iwantoneofthose
£10 from suck

£20 (also available in different shapes) from suck

Adopt an animal
£30 (different animals available to adopt) from bornfree

Borderline alcoholics

£19.99 from gettingpersonal

£11.99 from gettingpersonal
£19.99 from  iwantoneofthose

£4.99 from iwantoneofthose

£9.99 from iwantoneofthose

Cooks, bakers and BBQ kings
£6.99 from  gettingpersonal

£14.99 from  gettingpersonal

£9.99 from truffleshuffle

£10.99 from iwantoneofthose
£8.99 from iwantoneofthose

£10.99 from iwantoneofthose

Clothes and jewellery

£29.99 from gettingpersonal
£34.99 from truffleshuffle

£115 (available with different animals) from spirithoods
Spirithoods donate 10% of net profits to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping that particular Spirit animal.

£49.99 from truffleshuffle

Congratulations! You're now ready for Christmas. Sit back, enjoy a Starbucks and laugh at all of the other crazed shoppers from the comfort of your seat. 

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  1. VERY pretty! Love the details and the color combo!!I love the glittered layers and this card is so very elegant...

    thanks a lot for sharing this.
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