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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Freebies are a girl's best friend

I mean, diamonds used to be a girl's best friend, but the recession kind of frayed that friendship...

Free diamonds are still everybody's best friend, but it's incredibly difficult to get hold of them. They are very in demand and just don't make the effort to keep in contact with you.

Free diamonds, they think they're all that.

College were handing out free stuff today, which made everyone very, very happy.

It was all of the clubs trying to get students interested in their upcoming events. 

Pearl Lounge do something every Tuesday called 'Rubaduck', so they had wee promotional rubber duckies with them.

"Drake Pondwalker, I am your father"

Okay, none quite as awesome as Duck Vader, but we were all very interested in them none the less:
PEARL LOUNGE MAN: Hey guys! You interested in our Rubaduck nights? There's a foam pond, you can fish for ducks and win prizes and we've got wii Olympics, which is really fun to play! Also, we serve cheap drinks, although I'm not saying that you guys should get drunk...
US: Of course not... can we get some ducks?
I think it must have been painfully obvious we didn't care about the events, just the free stuff.

Oh well.

A picture of me and my new best bud.
ME: *proudly looking at duck* This is our new class mascot! What should I name him?
KATIE: Bert.
JOANNA: Oooh, that's cute!
ME: Bert it is. 
Quite a few of our class (i.e. most of them) got a rubber ducky. So we've decided to pull a Will Gluck and somehow sneak our rubber ducks into at least one shot of our creative projects. 

Speaking of creative projects, I'm doing a superhero mockumentary. 

Need to work on the details, but thus far, it'll be following the slightly deranged comic book nerd going by the name of Kinley Taylor (Kinley is Gaelic for fair hero, I'm slightly obsessed with symbolic names) who genuinely thinks he is a masked crusader. I want it to be a comedic piece with a heart. Hopefully I won't let Sara down because you should have seen her wee eyes light up when I mentioned my idea to her.

Today was mostly spent bonding with our class. And fangirling over how cool Przemyslaw is.
PRZEMYSLAW: Would anyone like something?
JAMES: Uhh...
PRZEMYSLAW: I'll get you something! What would you like?
James points out that Prezemyslaw has already bought him a coffee.
JAMES: I'll get you two tomorrow... or we could just open up a tab!
*Przemyslaw goes away to get coffee*
DOUGAL: He is so. Cool.
EVERYONE: I know! Oh my God. 
DOUGAL: There's just something about him.
JAMES: Yes, he's got... it.
JOANNA: *looks up* He's got what?!
ME: What?
JOANNA: Oh... never mind!
ME: Hahaha, what did you think he's got?! 
JOANNA: Never mind. I just blanked out!
DOUGAL: How could you blank out of that conversation?! 
 *We spend the next few minutes fangirling over how awesome he is, then he comes back*
ME: So, what's up with avocados? They're awesome, right?
DOUGAL: I prefer peaches.
ME: Oh no. They're fuzzy. 
And he didn't expect a thing...

Lies. He knew we were hiding something. 
ME: *looking up ramp* What's up there?
DOUGAL: Limbo.
ME: Oooh! *shakes torso* Da da da da da da... DA!
Oh yeah! If you're bored at college, play this fun game called "Guess the course". 

You look at a table of students and you try to guess their course based on their appearance.

I'm not into being judgemental, but it eliminates any and all awkward silences. Great for when you just meet new people in your course.

 Or if you're me, you can just chat
about avocados.

Dougal and I decided to be social today so we invited people out for coffee with us. And no, we didn't go to Starbucks, so there.

We went to Pret a Manger instead...
because we were too lazy to go further.

We went with Jodie, Danny and Daniel and had over an hour long chat about films and sexual fan-fiction:
ME: There's a fan-fiction with Professor Snape and the teletubbies... You do NOT want to know what Professor Snape did to the Teletubbies!
Had such a lovely chat with them all, but I had to leave early to meet Linzie and Sara.

Just dawned on me that it'll probably be the last time I see Sara as a seventeen year old... d'aaaaaw!

Linzie dropped, like, her entire wrap. Never seen someone look so upset.

So much more happened today, but I'm not feeling one hundred percent today after eating nachos at one o'clock this morning...

Nachos were a bad choice.

Lauren xxx

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