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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Can we just take a moment to applaud how awesome my college course is?

Started college on Monday everyone. A two year course at Aberdeen college called Creative Industries: Television. Which is basically a course on all things film and TV. 

"That course is perfect for you Lauren!"
"I know!"

This block sees our class learning about sound recording, camerawork, lighting and starting our creative project. 

I'm in a class with Dougal and a bunch of other cool people (one of whom, James, wore a 'Fight Club' reference t-shirt on Thursday and I just about broke down with happiness) and we got talking about favourite films. Within the first ten minutes of our first class, there was a 'The Dark Knight' vs 'The Dark Knight Rises' debate. 

Hamish (an English guy with a Scottish accent... MIND FOOOOK) believes that 'The Dark Knight' is the best Batman film.

Dean (an awesome guy who works at the Co-op) thinks that 'The Dark Knight Rises' is superior.

I agree with Hamish. 'The Dark Knight' is the better film.

'The Dark Knight Rises' is amazing, but how can you beat Heath Ledger's Joker?

Answer? You don't.

Ryan (our awesome lecturer for sound that kind of resembles Jeremy Davis) told us that he impersonates Bane with one of his friends:
RYAN: *in a Bane voice* What a lovely crowd
I can't remember where Ryan works/worked, but I think it was a theatre. 

Tuesday we had Sara (as in Sah-rah, not as in say-rah) for camerawork, and it ended with me hugging the Sony camera and saying:
ME: *emotionally* This is my new baby.
Dougal ruined 'The Little Mermaid' for us all when he told us that it was his favourite Disney film... and that he took a tantrum when he was younger because his Mum wouldn't let him buy an Ariel costume.

So he proceeded to talk in a Jamaican accent like Sebastian for the next three weeks.

Creative project involved watching a lot of music videos, comedies and clips from TV shows, including this one:

Seriously guys. I LOVE MY COURSE.

Also, coffee and movies basically every day.

Basically crying with joy.

Lauren xxx

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  1. Ah! How freaking exciting!!!!!!!! That does seem like a perfect course for you.