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Sunday, 16 September 2012

All good in the hood.

I'm officially a gig addict, but other than that, life is pretty awesome right now.

Or it would be, if John Lewis stopped giving me the cold-shoulder and realised just how determined I am to get a job in their company.

Is it 'cause I'm fluffy?

Being jobless and broke is probably the only bad thing going on in my life right now though. I'm getting to see the majority of my close friends (sadly, not all of them) on a regular basis, I'm loving my college course and I'm feeling more inspired than I have been in ages.

Forgot to add that I'm seeing FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE with Sara and Sarah in December. IN MY HOME-TOWN.

Can we just spend a moment to appreciate this magical moment...

Okay, moment over.

Sara mentions the gig to me and I end up either:
a) Hugging her affectionately
b) Throwing my head down onto the table to prevent myself from happily weeping.
I was so sad not getting to see her earlier this year, so it's basically like the excitement in the run up to the gig earlier this year has merged with the excitement to the gig later on this year, to create this uncontrollable excitement cross-breed.

Kind of like the Hulk, if the Hulk was like a puppy who get overly excited about seeing people and ended up peeing itself because it got so worked up.

Obviously, I'm eighteen years old and never feel like I need to pee myself with excitement...

This weekend alone has been pretty great for me.

Megan came up from Glasgow and chilled out around at my house for a while.

She's a lactose-intolerant vegetarian (but you can call her lucky) so finding something to give her for dinner is an almost impossible task.

We ended up giving her gourmet frites avec un petit pain.

Or... ummm... a chip butty to the rest of us.

Megan's not entirely sure about her lactose intolerance though... she struggled to keep down a big jug of milk her Mum left her, but she said that there might have been a logical explanation:
MEGAN: Maybe it was just a faulty cow.
Aye, cows are forever having technical difficulties.

My Mum then explained to Megan why she wasn't a drinker:
MUM: I had one liqueur... And a wine gum. I think the wine gum was one too many.
DAD: That's what you get for mixing your drinks.
Sara then came over to see Megan before she went away back to Glasgow and we all had a lovely catch up. 

Well, mostly lovely.

Megan's description of her college class' 'theatre cruelty' idea wasn't so lovely.  I love the idea but I'm so bloody happy that I won't be in that audience.

Now, a cute wee story for you.

Sara has a bit of a girl crush on the beautiful Mila Kunis.

I, acting as Sara's friend during a photo war with her, decided to make her one of those tumblr "I just met my idol!" photos where you draw a happy stick man beside your idol:

Sara loved it and made it her phone's background.

Sara also babysit's her wee neighbour. The little toot asked her who "that lady" was in her phone's background.

Obviously, Sara can't say that it's the actress who she is attracted to, so she told her...
SARA: Umm... that's one of my friend's from school.
LITTLE NEIGHBOUR: Oh... she doesn't look very happy. 
Night = made. 

It was Sara's birthday night out yesterday too, which marked the first time I was actually attempting to act like an eighteen year old.

Out to Tonik we went, it was such a good night! Kirsty came up from Glasgow and we got to meet a few new people. I trust Sara's choice in friends.

Also, her parent's are just the cutest. 

So much I could write about the night, but I've rambled on enough!

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Lauren xxx

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