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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Find a new artist to listen to everyday for a month

  1. Josh Kumra (Listened to because of The Answer)
  2. Make Sparks (Listened to because of  Your Heart's On Fire)
  3. Shinedown (Listened to because of Bully)
  4. Grizzly Bear (Listened to because of Alligator)
  5. Young Empires (Listened to because of Rain Of Gold)
  6. Ane Burn (Listened to because of To Let Myself Go)
  7. Marvelous 3 (Listened to because of Every Monday)
  8. Damien Jurado (Listened to because of Nothing is the News)
  9. Lianne La Havas (Listened to because of Tease Me)
  10. Chocolate Genius (Listened to because of My Mom)
  11. Imagine Dragons (Listened to because of Demons
  12. Jimmie's Chicken Shack (Listened to because of the live version of Waiting Room)
  13. Mineral (Listened to because of If I Could)
  14. Yuna (Listened to because of These Streets)
  15. MMX (Listened to because of Cold World)
  16. Canterbury (Listened to because of Saviour)
  17. Ben Lapps (Listened to because of Phunkdified)
  18. Pure Love (Listened to because of Bury My Bones)
  19. Crystal Castles (Listened to because of Not In Love)
  20. Ron Pope (Listened to because of A Drop In The Ocean)
  21. Queen of Hearts (Listened to because of Tears in The Rain)
  22. Funeral Suits (Listened to because of All Those Friendly People)
  23. Technicolor Fabrics (Listened to because of Tales of a Broken Fishbowl
  24. Icon For Hire (Listened to because of Get Well)
  25. Fit For Rivals (Listened to because of Damage)
  26. Crossfade (Listened to because of Cold)
  27. Nico Vega (Listened to because of Gravity)
  28. Elenowen (Listened to because of No Such Thing As Time)
  29. Gemini Club (Listened to because of By Surprise)
  30. Ghost Beach (Listened to because of Empty Streets)
  31. Cherri Bomb (Listened to because of Shake The Ground)
  32. Dan Deacon (Listened to because of Lots)
  33. Brand New (Listened to because of Jaws Theme Swimming)
  34. Netsky (Listened to because of When Darkness Falls)
As you can see, I decided to carry on this goal for an extra couple of days because finding new music to listen to is one of the best feelings on the planet.

My favourites out of the 34 bands and artists are undoubtedly:
  • Make Sparks
  • Icon For Hire
  • Fit For Rivals
  • Pure Love
  • MMX
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Marvelous 3
There's no excuse for not taking five minutes out of your day to find a new up and coming band or artist to support. Just go onto youtube and go on a suggestion goose-chase. Spotify's related artists feature is also brilliant when it comes to finding new music to listen to. 

Very happy, because this is the first goal I can cross off my 101 in 1001 goals sheet. Worthwhile? I think so.

I've got nothing else to add, so I'm going to leave you with some Icon For Hire lyrics:
"I’ve survived on life support but I’m stronger than I give myself credit for
These conditions only cure when we prepare ourselves for war"
 Lauren xxx

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