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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Are you boycotting companies... or are you boycotting love?

Many different companies have been boycotted over the course of history for many different reasons: environmental concerns, ethical issues and disapproval of particular products they are selling to name a few. However, the most common reason for boycotting a company appears to be when that particular company expresses their support for the gay community.

The most recent company to realise this was Oreo, when they decided to post a picture of a ‘gay pride’ Oreo (an Oreo filled with rainbow cream as opposed to the normal cream that is usually found inside) on their face book page, causing a huge backlash. Some praised the company for this display of support, others threatened to boycott, stating that they would not be “brainwashed” by the company into believing that homosexual behaviour was acceptable. Another facebook user pointed out that they have been brainwashed by either their religion or their family and friends into believing that it was a bad thing in the first place, a comment that fell on deaf ears.

As aggravating as it is, homosexuality is still a big issue to some people, many of whom are religious, although some have just been brought up or have developed homophobic attitudes without much reason or logic as to why they oppose homosexuality.

The bible condemned homosexual behaviour, labelling it as an “abomination”.
1. something horrible: an object of intense disapproval or dislike 
2.  something shameful: something that is immoral, disgusting, or shameful 
3.  intense dislike: a feeling of intense dislike or disapproval toward somebody or something (literary) 
Love between a man and a woman is love.
Love between a man and a man is love.
Love between a woman and a woman is love.

They only variable here is gender. Love is love, regardless of gender… or anything else for that matter.

There is no way that love in its purest form can be labelled an abomination. Love is not horrible. It is not shameful, or immoral and it certainly isn’t disgusting, regardless of who is loving who. This description makes it seem as though love is a monster that should be slain, but love is the only thing truly worth living for. It’s the most precious thing on this planet, so who the hell cares if it’s between two men or two women?

Love is the intense connection between two souls. Not two bodies. Not two minds. Two souls. There are no distinguishing characteristics between either sex’s souls. They know no physical classifications nor socially expected behaviours to follow to set them apart. They only emit an androgynous stream of thought, feelings, desires and dreams… all of the things that people fall in love with another person for.

Love does not discriminate between genders… so why should we?

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  1. Beautifully said. I live in an extremely conservative, generally homophobic area. It's so sad to see people do strongly hate something they obviously know nothing about. My dad told me last week that same sex parenting was a "disgusting and very dangerous experiment. Nobody knows what will result from it." Well oh my goodness, that child might mutate and sprout a second head! Lol seriously, it was the most ignorant thing I've ever heard my father say. When people speak against homosexuality, they forget they are talking about real people with real feelings. It's really sad. It's also really annoying to hear so many people, use the words "gay" "homo" "fag" so casually, and in a negative manner. Those words have very negative meanings and they hurt, even if a person "didn't mean it that way." ok. This comment is random pointless rambling... So gonna stop it here. The End. :)