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Sunday, 13 May 2012

It's strange...

My year have left school for just over a week now. I haven't been back since, although I realise that I will have to at least four or five more times, and yet, I don't really care as much as I thought I would.

I suppose it's strange not having the opportunity to break my day into certain headings for you all and recount everything that has happened, and not being guaranteed that I'll get to see my friends daily, but other than that, I haven't even really thought about it.

Probably because of these guys:

This is what happens when you ask your friends to 
pretend that they are blowfish.

Had quite a busy week last week, what with going to town with my Mum, seeing Megan for our usual Friday night get-together, eating some Frankie and Benny's for the first time since last year with Chloe, watching 'Avenger's Assemble' with Michelle, searching for a prom dress, playing with my little cousin, speaking to my Godmother and meeting up with some of 'the gang' for a hang-out session. I haven't really had time to stop and think "Man... I'm never going to have to go back to Kincorth for lessons again." I've been having too much fun!

From the hang out session at Kristina's on Friday.
Good times!

Anyways, this is just a quick update to say that this is the last day that I can ever blog to you all as a seventeen year old. Tomorrow I turn eighteen, and I feel incredibly old as a result of this.
CHLOE: *After I whapped oot my bus pass* Oh, you'll have to be returning that one in exchange for your old foggies buss pass next week!
Nothing makes you feel better about your age than your best friends, huh?

Lauren xxx

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