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Sunday, 25 March 2012

That horrible moment when...

We've all witnessed it happen. Perhaps it's happened to one of our friends, perhaps our family, perhaps it has even happened to one of us, or we have been the ones doing it.

What I am talking about it criticising people for their appearances.

I'm not here to tell you that it is wrong. You know that as well as I do, but I'm just here to remind you that what we should be judge people on (if at all) is their hearts and their soul. Hating someone purely because of their appearance is affecting them because they become self-conscious and sometimes grow to hate themselves and you because you miss out on getting to know what is potentially an amazing person. 

I saw someone who entered a 'Most beautiful teen' contest on facebook today, but he wasn't your typical applicant. His name is Brando and he suffers from a condition called treacher collens syndrome, which can cause facial disfigurement. He gets called ugly often and all he wants to do is be accepted.

And many facebook users have done just that.

But others have been cruel, calling this poor boy a "walrus" and that their "last shit was more handsome" than Brando.

It genuinely upsets me that we can be so cruel to one another.

Life is too short to spend it making fun of others.
It is too mundane to spend it making friends with 'beautiful' people.
You are too smart to spend it judging other by their appearances.

One day, our looks will fade and all that we will remain with is our hearts. Make sure that you've got one to begin with.

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