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Saturday, 3 March 2012

I've caught the juggle buggle

I added on a 'gle' to bug to make it rhyme... sue me!

Stupid lawyer meme's and their damn
literal thinking...

Don't even know where to begin... it's been a while!

I had a college interview last Thursday, which evidently went pretty well because I got a place on the course!

Whip my hair back and fo'th

Onto more exciting matters, I'm learning how to juggle.

Mum bought me some balls (behave) today, so I've been playing about with them for the past few hours...

Yeah... don't think I could have possibly put that in a worse way.

Screw it.

Back to school on Monday, if I re-draft this damn dissertation, I should be writing blog more commonly once again. Hopefully cheerier and more exciting stuff than posts of late, fingers crossed.

Lauren xxx

P.S. I'm boycotting Primark because they sold me glow in the dark boxers that don't glow in the dark. Lying thieves.

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