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Sunday, 12 February 2012


You can say that wrestling is a completely fake sport,
but you can't argue with the spontaneity of those put downs.

My family is now bonding over these guys:

Sport doesn't get much camper than this.

I find it hilarious that me, my Mum and my Dad can sit down and watch an hour of wrestling, amiably chatting away (read: shouting at TV) without any talk of jobs, schoolwork or university (the usual topics of conversation). 
MUM: *shouting* Get him! GET HIM! Oh you silly... LIE DOWN ON HIM! Oh... I told you!
DAD: There's no way someone could be slammed down like that and flip someone over the next minute.
MUM: Oooh... look at his body...
DAD: I thought you didn't want me to have a body like that?
MUM: ... It would be nice.
DAD: Fine. I'll get you that for Christmas.
MUM: Oooh! Lauren! I'm getting a body like that for Christmas! 
My favourite wrestler (three words I never would have guessed would come out of my mouth) has to be CM Punk. He's so chilled, even though they try to make him seem like a bad guy.

I thought it was sweet that there was a little video that came on before the wrestling began, with a few of the stars explaining that they were bullied when they were little, and urging the viewers that it gets better. See, wrestling isn't just smack-talk and dangerous stunts!

Okay... it's mostly smack-talk and dangerous stunts. 

Not much has happened this week. I found out that I've got an interview for college on the 23rd February however. I found out I had an interview directly after falling down a muddy hill. Don't worry, the only thing I hurt was my dignity.

Keep your fingers crossed for that... It'll be just after my Maths prelim. Urggghh. Busy days kill me.

Also, I've got my driving test really soon, so I'm panicking a lot over that. 

I keep thinking that I am going to forget the alphabet, therefore I'm going to fail my eye-test at the beginning and fail the test immediately...

Going to go away now and panic some more... but for all you learners out there, I'm going to leave you with this...
‎MUM: What have you got to do before your driving test?
ME: Ummm, practise these questions, go over round-abouts...
MUM: NO! Don't go over them! Go round them!
Listen to my Mum!

Lauren xxx

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