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Sunday, 12 February 2012

If I had a house...

These would be the things that I would buy to decorate it with.

WARNING: Post might get ridiculously retro.


The price may be a tad excessive, but with a twelve point score, can you really blame them? I mean, let's be honest, you can't buy victory.

Laser Cosmos light - £129.99

For stargazers who hate the cold outdoors. Enjoy the beauty of the stars from your very own living-room! This would be on more than the TV would be, I swear.

In a galaxy far, far away... you will be able to find a search engine that is able to locate this amazingly cool product.

Until then, nerds can just drool over this amazingly cool gadget.

Yumbots - £12.99

This is so cute, I can't even...
If I ever own this, you better believe that I'll be baking cupcakes every. Single. Day.

Vinyl bowls - £17.95

Vinyl is cooler than a penguin in a freezer. I know record players (as well as the vinyl themselves) are on the way out, but it would see as though it was immortal if I possessed these bowls.

Long live LP's.

This would look great (and yummy) in someone's kitchen... it would also give you inspiration to make your own using the yumbot ;)

They might look slightly possessed, but these are harmless little guys who just want to season your food... and possibly progress to take over the world.

Six musical treats in assorted colours, these are a necessary investment for any music lovers. You might not use napkins now, but if you buy these, believe me, you soon will.


I saw this on a interior design program two years ago and have been lusting after it ever since. I've never been one for hunting, but the effortless class of the aluminium is what makes this piece look so appealing. 

Loving how chill these little swallow silhouettes look. I'd definitely paint "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings" beside them, you know me and quotes.

You can probably tell by now that I have a bit of a thing for vinyl. This company makes a whole heap of vinyl artwork clocks, mainly cutting out cities skylines such as New York and London into the vinyl itself, resulting in these funky clocks.

The makers may have given these particular brand of coat hooks a risque name, but the quality and kitsch-ness of the product speaks for itself. An essential item for any rockstars luxury pad.

Oh no! The poor man is going to be crushed by... knowledge? This little bookend is reminiscent to just about every one of your favourite, pathetic horror movies which involves a monster of some-sort. 


Give a hoot rug - $32.95

Rugs are awesome. Owls are also awesome. Therefore, this rug is roughly twice as awesome as you could ever hope to be. My only complaint? This little owl is looking a bitty bare up top, someone give him an afro.

Puddle mirror - £4.99 onwards

Splodges. This would definitely be in my bathroom... I'm so clumsy. There would probably be marks resembling this all over the walls.

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