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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Human trafficking awareness day.

If you were sitting in your house, watching TV, and there was a snowstorm in a city close to your own, abandoned cars piling up on the side of the road like rotting leaves in autumn... would you be shocked at just how bad the traffic was? Would you even care? 

What about if you were sitting in your house, watching TV, and in your town, a child was being groomed by the lucrative human trafficking industry, being prepared for years of sexual exploitation... would you be shocked at just how bad that traffic was? Would you even care?

The truth of the matter is, despite slavery being abolished decades ago, child sex slavery is still a huge problem. It is estimated that every single minute, of every single day, two children are trafficked for sexual exploitation. These two children may be physically forced into the commercial sexual exploitation industry, they might be manipulated or deceived or their families may be threatened if their child does not go with the disgusting 'human beings' (I use that term lightly) that wish to take them from their childhood and force them to live in a nightmare world, in which they will never be able to wake up from.

$28 billion is generated from the sickening act. This doesn't just happen in developing countries. This happens in the United Kingdom. This happens in the United States. This happens all over the world and it is happening... right. Now.

There's people out there who are trying to help the victims of this terrible crime and they are also attempting to educate the general public about a very serious issue that is completely disregarded as being important or worthy of our time or attention. Some even attempt to convince themselves that it isn't happening.

But it is happening. And if we don't acknowledge it? Then it will continue to happen. Maybe the issue won't be resolved in the decade... or this century. Maybe we won't live long enough to see it become resolved, but we can live long enough to see the sexual exploitation industry shrink in size and we can live long enough to see the children who are exploited in such a cruel manner get the love and care they not only deserve, but need. 

But, if we want to see that happen, we've got to act. And we've got to act now.

Even if you just get one person to have a look at Love 146's website and get them to pass it on to one person, you'll be making a huge difference.

Without education, no problem exists within our minds nor hearts... 

Without education, the same problem that we insist does not exist will continue to grow. 

Without education, we are risking the lives, welfare and mental well-being of an entire generation.

Child sex slavery exists, and we won't stand for it.

Pass it on.

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