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Sunday, 1 January 2012


31,557,600 seconds
525,960 minutes
8,766 hours
365 days
52 weeks
12 months
1 year.

I seriously can't believe that Hogmany (or New Year's Eve to you international readers) has snuck upon us once more... 

It's a time for reflection, well... reflection and this:

Nothing says "Happy New Year!" like 
waking up next to a melon whilst wearing
 a pair of bunny ears and an eye-patch.

Seen as I'm straight-edge (yes, we're not extinct!) I'll be focusing on the reflection.

I was going to do eleven of the best things of 2011... but I'm too lazy for that! So expect ten, like last year.

Ten of the best movies
(Both at the Cinema and at home)

1. Black Swan

Aronofsky's directing was the definition of cinematic perfection, Portman's portrayal of the troubled protagonist, Nina, was breath-taking and the ending is so shocking, I found it near enough impossible to move directly after watching it. It was, for me, the film of the year. Then again... considering the other films released this year, that isn't saying much.

Favourite scene: Without a doubt, the ending. It's as tragic as it is unforgettable. Think "The Wrestler" but with more grace.

2. Bridesmaids

Comedy of the year, hands down. The cast's brilliant comic timing in addition to the movie's fantastic script make this film a must-see for any comedy fan, be they female or male (Boyfriends of the world rejoice, finally, a chick-flick that is actually funny!). Melissa McCarthy is pure comic gold, if she doesn't at least tickle your funny bone, then I'd arrange an x-ray to determine whether or not you even have one.

Favourite scene: The "sexual banter" between Megan and the Air Marshall. 
MEGAN: Would you like to put your American sausage In my English Mcmuffin?

3. Horrible Bosses

This movie just shoots one-liner after one-liner at you, definitely one of the best comedies of the year, but not as good as Bridesmaids in my honest opinion. The trio work tremendously well together and despite their homicidal desires, you always find yourself rooting for them. 

Favourite scene:

When Dale is playing Angry Birds outside in the car, on the "look-out" for Dave (Nick's boss and person they are attempting to kill). Dave returns to his house and takes an allergic reaction, which Dale saves him from.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The epic conclusion that fan-girls and boys have been dreaming of for a decade. It was dark, brutal and fantastically well directed, written and acted, a triad that those behind the films have came close to achieving but never managed to fully crack until the conclusion of the franchise as a whole. I went to the midnight screening of this (along with a huge majority of my home-town) and I can quite honestly say I have never felt more emotion brewing within a single cinema screen in my life. Whap oot the kleenex.

Favourite scene: Voldermort's screwed up laugh.

5. Limitless

One of the best concepts of the year, hands down. The acting was brilliant, as was the directing, and the film oozed entertaining sophistication. The guys were jealous of Cooper's mental capabilities and the ladies were just jealous of... well... any lady that Cooper came into contact with.

Favourite scene: I quite like the ending, Cooper's suaveness sticks in your mind.

6. Tangled

If you're like me, you always swear that this animation will be your last. No more. Nope, you're getting too old for this! Then, before you know it... BAM. You're sitting in the cinema, watching another animation. And most of the time? They leave a lot to be desired. However, "Tangled" was a great film, fluctuating between being entertaining and being heartbreaking. What I loved most about it was Disney's refusal to make the antagonist, Mother Gothel, into the archetypal Fairytale villain. At times, you weren't sure whether she was taking care of Rapunzel for her own personal gain or out of genuine love for the girl... it was a lovely change from the usual one dimensional villains that you come across.

Favourite scene: Any scene with this little guy in it:

7. Pulp Fiction

Tarantino is loved for a reason, and that reason is because he is, without a doubt, one of the best directors of all time. He blends suspense and humour into one, reducing the viewer into an emotional wreck, unable to decide whether to laugh or hide behind a cushion. "Pulp Fiction" is a cult classic for a reason, the multiple characters and non-linear intertwining storylines creates a challenging, but incredibly rewarding plot for the viewer to follow, with quotable dialogue and classic scenes galore along the way to its fantastic ending.

Favourite scene: Jule's "preaching".

8. Trainspotting

The Scottish tourists agencies worst nightmare... it's a brutal portrayal of what drug abuse can do to people. It may not be glamorous, but it certainly is an essential watch. 

Favourite scene: That toilet.

9. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Impossibly cute film. I loved every second of it.

Favourite scene: When Joel and Clementine meet each-other once again.

10. Mean girls

It's been a slow year in film... Don't even ask me how I haven't watched "Mean Girls" before 2011...

Favourite scene: The famous Glenn Coco quote... duuuuh!

Ten of the best albums

  1. Singles Club - Paramore (favourite song - In The Mourning)
  2. Good For Me - The Swellers (favourite song - The Best I Ever Had)
  3. Ceremonials - Florence & The Machine (favourite song - Heartlines)
  4. Vices And Virtues - Panic! At The Disco (favourite song - The Calendar)
  5. Sinners Never Sleep - You Me At Six (favourite song - Reckless)
  6. Who You Are - Jessie J (favourite song - Who You Are)
  7. Fools And Worthless Liars - Deaf Havana (favourite song - The World or Nothing)
  8. Radiosurgery - New Found Glory (favourite song - Anthem for the unwanted)
  9. Best Intentions - We Are The In Crowd (favourite song - Exits and Entrances)
  10. Unbroken - Demi Lovato (favourite song - Give Your Heart A Break)

Ten of the best days

Such a funny day. The day that named my future band (Muriel's on a rampage, look us up in twenty years time, we'll be on our reunion tour by then, and S Club 7 will support us) and the night when comedy was present throughout. Probably my favourite day of the entire year, I love my friends.

Competitive fancy dress, you've got to love it! Basically, I got to hang out with   a lot of amazing people that I didn't really talk to that much, which is always a great thing! Came home with such a big smile on my face.

Also, Ellen, if you're still reading my blog, hey there! Sorry I broke our promise and stopped writing for a few months, I'm back now though! Hopefully we'll meet up sometime soon.

Food, friends and failure. The three things that essentially guarantees you that you are going to have a great night. We were supposed to be going to see "The Hangover 2", but it was sold out in basically all of the cinemas, so we went mini-golfing instead. Our team rocked so much, we decided to turn it into cocky mini-golfing so we could give the other teams a chance.

4. Kyle's house party

Never wrote about this one, but it probably was one of my favourite nights of the year. Everyone was a little bit tispy... some more than others (I'm thinking of Michelle when I say that, as she used bumping into a door as an excuse to pole-dance for us all) but we were all having a great time. Kristina made Kelly a drink that smelt like love-hearts, we named Kelly's future biography ("It's a pussy either way") and Kelly almost died laughing when Rachel came through into the kitchen, asking if any of us had teabags. 

Also, the amazing concoction that is sour cream and onion pringles and garlic and herb sauce was born. So yummy.

In short, it was an amazing night.

Sadly, the band are no more (Boo!) but they performed a great set and gave me a brilliant excuse to hang out with Kristina, Jan and Erin and meet Steve! Great night, shame about the sticky floors.

6. Sleepover at Halle's

Got a chance to hang out with one of my best friends EVER and see her beautiful new house... course I had fun. Love her family too, they're adorable.

First ever midnight showing, last ever Harry Potter. There were tears from basically everyone, and it was heartbreaking! But, it was also the best possible send off to a franchise that has played a BIG part in my life.

Seriously, I was obsessed with the films for so long.

I got to (briefly) meet several of my musical heroes, of course it was going to be counted as one of the best days of the year! School was hilarious on that day as well, and we had a pizza hut. That day ruled.

9. Christmas Day

It's Christmas... I felt really loved and it was just a lovely way to end off a rollercoaster year.

HILARIOUS. All I can say!

All in all, it was a great year!

Hope everyone years were just as good, and that 2012 is even better!

Lauren xxx

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