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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Playing catch-up

*vomits at thought of how far behind I am on blogging*

Sorry guys, haven't had the will to write recently.

I'll try to fill you in on what you've missed.

  • First off, Kelly left. Not the country or anything, just the school. Kincorth was not supporting her and letting her do the subjects she wanted or needed to do, so I can hardly blame her. She's now doing a National certificate Art course at college. 
  • Both Megan and I took Kelly's absence badly, stealing her leaver's form and running away with it so she couldn't legally leave the school and then, when that didn't work, kidnapping her and shoving her in our common room. Who said kidnapping isn't fun?
  • Some absolute legends have been giving us some really awesome reasons for lateness on the sign in boards at school. From "Chuck Norris" to "Ninjas", and some really freaky things in between, it's amazing how easily your day can be made these days.
  • Ms Rankin finally gave me back my USB. It only took seven months.
  • Speaking of Ms Rankin, the school play has been changed... again. We're now doing Fame. Which appears to be the final decision... then again, we thought that about Les Miz, Joseph, the musical complimation, Forbidden planet and countless others. Make up your mind woman!
  • We got visited in PSE by this absolutely inspiring man, named George. He's deaf and blind, but still enjoys life and taking part in bowling competitions. Sometimes, people's lives accidentally collide with yours and you feel so insanely inspired... this was one of those collisions. It's hard to explain.
  • Driving actually took a turn for the better. I've started taking notes. Hey, I need all the help I can get.
  • Rachel took 1,500 quiz cards into Maths on Thursday. Questions included "What is tofu made from?" (Someone answered: Fish) and "Which three famous composers names began with B?" (Which Rachel answered: Beethoven, Bach and Bonk). Did I mention that these Quiz cards were aimed at seven year olds? No? Well, these quiz cards were aimed at seven year olds.
  • Dolly Parton has been stalking me. Seriously, starting from Tuesday, I haven't managed to go a day without hearing or reading a Dolly Parton reference. I'm going insane!
  • English was significantly less awkward this week, despite there only being four of us on Tuesday and a new girl joined us on Thursday. 
  • You know what was awkward? The fact that Dougal put Sara's scarf over his head, not realising that a Muslim girl wearing a head scarf was literally right behind him... oooh.
  • Kincorth has decided that we aren't getting any study leave this year. RIDICULOUS.
  • We've got a little handprint wall in our common room now. It's really cute and a lovely way of remembering everyone in our year. I have to admit, it's nicer seeing everyone's handprints than the boob collage that was there before... *shudders* What a schizophrenic lesbian nightmare.
There's other stuff. But nothing extraordinarily important. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep on top of blogging from now on.

Here's hoping!
Lauren xxx

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