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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Panic! on the megabus.

It's ridiculous how long I've been waiting to watch Panic! at the disco live.

And by "Waiting" I mean "Excited beyond belief".

Halle was... well. Not quite as excited as I was.

Regardless, we woke up early(ish) on Saturday morning, hopped on a citylink bus and were on our way down to Edinburgh.

Most of the time was spent listening to music.

Halle was listening to:

Old school!

Whereas I was getting in the concert mood and listened to:

Panic! At The Disco.

I had never been on a citylink bus, but it was actually pretty nice. 

We got off at Dundee and changed buses, we were now on a megabus bus.

NOTE: Megabus have THE scariest mascot.


Had one of those embarrassing moments (otherwise known as my life) whilst on the bus.

This is where we have to get some background knowledge:

I NEVER use my phone.

I know, what sort of teenager am I? 

In short? A boring one. Seriously, two of my best friends have called me boring in the past week alone, I'm starting to get the message.

Anyways, the last time I properly used my phone was way  back in 2009. Of course, it's been on every now and then in the past two years, but other than that, the settings have remained unchanged from that moment on-wards.

Yes, "settings" include ringtones...

Back to reality!

Halle was innocently texting her Mum and Dad when she starts saying:
HALLE: It's buzzing! What do I do?
Then all you hear is:
"Mi a hee, mi a hoo..."

Dragostea Din Tei, we meet again

Seriously? Out of every ringtone in the entire world, I had to pick that one?

Halle's not going to let me live that down, so I thought it might as well be me you hear it from.

I shut that phone up faster than you'd ever believe though, so embarrassing.

Then I genuinely thought someone was going to turn around and tell us to shut up.
HALLE: Twenty to two.
ME: Two Twenty two?
HALLE: Twenty to two!
ME: Two tutu's?
HALLE: What?
ME: Deuxdeux?
HALLE: *clearly lost*
ME: I wonder if the French call a tutu a deuxdeux... I mean, we have so many different ways of saying two/to/too.  
Totally forgot that tutu is a French word...

So that conversation is technically void. 

Once we got off the bus, we went to T.G.I Fridays and had something to eat.

Paramore was playing when we entered, and Pink when we were considering leaving, so I was in full on fangirl mode.
(Deep in conversation)
HALLE: I hate ringtones that goes li...
*We hear Pink come on*
BOTH: *our mouths drop completely* Oh my God!
It's a fan-girl thing.

After that, we got to the venue... three and a half ours early. And there was a much bigger queue than what we were anticipating. 

That's a lot of people to push over
to get to the front...

Seen as we were so early (and far back in the queue), I asked Halle if she wanted to play a game...


And if you think that's a lot of converse...
You've clearly never been to an "emo band" gig.
HALLE: ... No.
Good call... good call. I saw ten pairs right in front of me.

What can I say? Us emo's love our converse. 

What we don't love? Rebecca Black.

Yet, there they were...
"Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!"
Leave Rebecca alone?
Rebeccas should leave us alone!

I don't blame them for singing 'Friday' though. Hey, when you are waiting for hours for your favourite band or artist to perform, you start to go a little crazy!

Anyways, fast forward three and a half hours, at least fifty Edinburgh city tour buses and several playful punches due to noticing megabuses or city link buses, it was finally time to go in.

HMV picture house is a beautiful venue by the way. The crowd is insane there too, something that we quickly discovered after getting violently moved from side to side like a discarded rag doll inside a rabid dogs' jaws. 

In fact, at one point, I came painfully close to biting afro man's shoulder.

Afro man, by the way, cut in front of us, was tall and (obviously) had an afro. We had such a terrible view of the stage, because of him and his other crowd hopping giant goons. 

So after the support band, Fatherson (Look 'em up!), we decided to get the hell out of the crowd and up into the upper circle.

We got a wonderful view from up high, right in the middle, perfect vision of the whole stage and crowd.

And we got a drink of IRN BRU and a snack of popcorn. It was magical.

Also, that show finally made me realise how pervy us Scottish crowds are...

We began chanting:
"Take, take, take it off!"
To Brendon, because we wanted to see him shirtless.

But hey, can you really blame us?!

Urie is a very sweet person, therefore, he granted us our wishes and took off his shirt to a sexy rendition of "Let's get it on".

Thank God I was sitting down, otherwise I would have probably fainted.

I really recommend going to see Panic! At The Disco live by the way. Spencer is one hell of a drummer, and Brendon has an amazing voice, that you can't appreciate fully until you hear it live.

It's shows like this that remind me that the music industry isn't dead, it's just in a bit of a coma.

Remember to bring fresh grapes.

Lauren xxx

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