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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Oh Williams, you dirty dog.

There's a story behind that title and it's truly... awkward.


When I say I had "Study", I really had desk duty with Abie.

And when I say "Desk duty" with Abie, I mean sitting around and chatting with Abie.

We did do some work that being said. I tried to help her with some English... turns out, I'm a little rusty.

Oil me up Scotty.
Possibility of someone shouting
"That's what she said"?

Abie brought in some lovely grapes, so we ate them for a while and just had a nice catch up.

Tuesday first is a good period.


Quickly helped Megan with her script. Not much needed to be tweaked however. So we just spun around on Ms Rankin's chair.

What? Office chairs are good fun!


Megan sang a lot of songs from "Evita".

Sara attempted to read out Dougal's script, but anytime she tried to say a word, Megan would just sing louder, causing Sara to speak louder, causing Megan to sing louder...

I don't think I've ever seen Zoe laugh as much as when she was watching Megan sing. You see, Megan is a dramatic person, meaning that she sings in a dramatic fashion. 

Of course, most people aren't used to seeing someone in class, belting out a musical number, giving it their all.

Therefore, Zoe was in hysterics.

This Indian substitute teacher then came in, who is basically in love with our class. 

She told my Thursday study class that we were "the only good class in Kincorth".


Anyways, Megan ignored her and carried on singing, but anytime she stopped, the teacher would say:
"Oh don't stop, your voice is very melodic."

You know how I tell you guys constantly about the awkward condition of our English class?

I'll take that as a yes.

Well, it was made more awkward, thanks to Tennessee Williams and his play "A streetcar named desire".

We were all given parts to read out, I volunteered myself for "Negro Woman" (because, deep down, I'm black...) and I had to read out this:
"She says St Barnabas would send out his dog to lick her and when he did she'd feel an icy cold wave all up an' down her."
MS STRUTHERS: What does that mean?
MS STRUTHERS: Have a guess.
DOUGAL: St Barnabas would send a prostitute?
Nope. Nope. The first lines of dialogue in the play is about what? A dog giving someone oral sex.

I am sorry little doggie, but after reading that
I can't look at you in the same way.

Also, Ms Struthers was getting very into the play.
MS STRUTHERS: Reeeed hot, Reeeeeeed hot!
As well as:
MS STRUTHERS:  *speaking for one of the characters, Stanley* I am a manly man, I like to play poker, I like my meat, I like my Woman and I like sex. I am a macho man. *realising what she's saying* I'm not saying that I'm a macho man.... although, I think I could take Stanley on.
That classroom never fails to confuse me.

Lauren xxx

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