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Monday, 26 September 2011

Let's compare life to...

A simple coin toss.

Fate or physics? Are we in control of the events due to unfold, or are we in the ever uncertain hands of destiny? 

I'm not sure anymore, whether life is controlled by us, or destiny.

We're all thrown into each-other through-out the duration of our lives. Not one person we encounter is controlled by us. We don't choose who are parents are. We can't decide who is waiting in front of us in Starbucks and we have absolutely no control over who we will fall in love with, or how we will meet them.

We toss the coin, we make it spin, but where it lands or what side it lands on is not up to us... it's up to something else.

And that "something else" always seems to put things right.

Lauren xxx

*NOTE: It was tails.*

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