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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm not just stealing your ping pong ball, I'm stealing your dignity.

No doubt a filthy image would flash into
Ross' head right now if he saw the 
above image.
I blame Russell Howard.

Today is Monday (one of the three days which do not exist in Rebecca Black's calender, if you haven't noticed) and do you know what that means?

I pretty much get an extended weekend.

Regardless, it's my duty to drag my lazy ass out of bed and make my way (slowly) to school. For what?

Core P.E. and a skive self study art.

Linzie is all alone in registration in the Mornings if I'm not there, so I always try to make it to the bus stop on time... it doesn't always work. 

Today however, it did. Always good!

It was just really awkward on the bus, because it was horribly busy and therefore you couldn't look in any direction without feeling as though you are staring at someone... 

Buses bring out the worst in people.

Regardless, I was on time (Hallelujah.) and in perfect timing to watch Linzie attempt to, once again, sell tickets to the first and second years to a disco.

Key word here is attempt.

Like when you attempt to push a pull door.

Or when you attempt to grow facial hair.

Or when you attempt to show a PMSing tigress
the latest series of Jersey Shore.

You get the point, it was a disaster. Not one single person remotely interested in buying tickets.

*rolls eyes* First years. Spoil sports.


Mr Shaw single-handedly solved the disco sales problem...

We should tell them that the new head of P.E. is going. Apparently, they love him.

You might think, "Awww, cute!" but we are speaking about the same year that have someone giving out blow-jobs to guys casually... THEY ARE TWELVE.

Half of them are wee monsters... the other half are truly adorable... it's hard to paint them all with the same brush. 

Regardless, we just hovered around a heater like moths to a flame and waited for the bell to ring. 

In P.E., not much happened.

I ran downstairs from fitness (Where, ironically, you don't do anything apart from laze about) to the ping pong area, waited for Laura to miss the ping pong ball and BOOM. I snatched the ball up and ran back upstairs with it.

Laura ran after me and as soon as she got upstairs... I launched the ball back towards Jennifer, her Ping Pong partner. 

She was so pleased.


Abbreviated form is SSA, which also stands for Secretly sit around, which is what most of our class does.

Borat approves of this display of 
authorized rebellion.

We were running about, trying to find Mr Whyte for Megan (she needed to find him so she could ask him about getting the rights to Oliver) and trying to find a jacket for Megan's super awesome Sponsored walk costume.

I'll try getting a picture of her, it's going to be good!

Anyways, he was in a meeting when we went to his office (A headteacher? In a meeting? What's that about?) so we waited and boom. He appeared.

Megan froze and pointed dramatically at him.

Like this, but not so aggressive.

He just pauses... and then slowly glances around him. She continues her gaze. He keeps a straight face as he begins to realise she's gawking at him.
MEGAN: I need to talk to you about a script!
MR WHYTE: *indifferently* What script?
MEGAN: *somewhat nervously* Uh... for Oliver? Can we do the play for the se...
MR WHYTE: Yes. *disappears* 
He's really like a ninja... a busy, stressed out ninja.

I don't know, he never seems to have time for us pupils. Criticism does not exist within the four walls of the school and voices fall upon deaf ears, their only concern now-adays lie with exam results and league tables... it's terrible! 

Had a nice time with Megan though, before she had to run off to Torry to do English.

Then I went home, grabbed my camera and went out again...

Got some shots, but nothing that's on my laptop, so alas, you'll have to do without my pictures, you're not missing out on much!

Bought impulsively... again. I shouldn't be trusted with money. 

This time, I'm going to blame Hayley Williams.

Her glasses.
I bought her glasses *sighs*

I don't even suit the glasses! And the lenses are really reflective, haha! They make me look cross-eyed, but I love them regardless.

As said, I shouldn't be trusted with money.

Lauren xxx

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