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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The SQA are mean sometimes.

For all you non-Scottish reader, the SQA stands for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. They are the ones who make up tests for people to sit, in a certain affect, they control your future.

We are the puppets.
Don't even pretend that we're anything else.

Annually, on this date, my generation take a minor (read: MAJOR) panic attack. Thoughts include:

"Why didn't I try harder?!"
"Why are the exams that my year had to sit so much more difficult than previous years?"
"I might as well commit suicide."

The last one genuinely isn't a joke. People who say it (yes, there are people who say it) don't say it seriously but they don't see this as a joking matter.

Look, I'm going to post my results on here. And I'm going to do it for one reason and one reason only...

I don't want any of you asking me "How did you get on with your results?"

Not a single word.

Got that?


Higher English - B
Higher Human Biology - B
Higher Psychology - B
Higher Art and Design - C
Higher Maths - F

I take failure horrendously, I detest Maths and I'm slightly heartbroken because I was pretty confident I'd scraped a C for Maths...

A huge amount of work went into Maths. A huge amount of money went into Maths.

All of it was wasted.

Hence, why I want to hear no more of this after I click "Publish Post".

Good luck to everyone who is still awaiting results (or in the case of Megan, bad luck!)

And again, I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask me how results went. I'm getting over it, but I'll have enough "I am disappointed in you" looks from my parents to last me a lifetime.

Thanks guys.

Lauren xxx


  1. Well, I think they're still good. =) You probably don't want to hear about this now but you did do well in your other subjects. And I'm no maths genius either, it took me two times to pass mine. Don't focus on that one grade because it wasn't what you hoped for but the others as well.
    (though I probably won't be thinking when my results come out in two weeks either)

  2. Awww, thank you!
    Second time lucky, hopefully. Been doing the class for the past two years, but this is the first time I've actually sat the exam.

    And good luck with your results! xxx

  3. Thanks, I take it from the time you posted this, you got yours early?

  4. Yeah, the SQA boobed majorly and sent 30,000 people their results 24 hours early. Oops! xx