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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Apparantly... "Pash" is a slang word for "snog" in Australia.

It's also a clothing line for teenagers.

But when you see a "PASH" sweater in a charity shop, you begin to wonder just what it could stand for...
ME: Piss.... angry..... stupid ho's. PASH.
So from now on, you will hear me shouting PASH! Whenever I'm in town on a Friday night and there's a cat fight.

There's always a cat fight. 

Not quite the cat fight I was searching for...

Either a cat fight or a drunk dude that mistakes someone I'm hanging out with as his friend (see "Sammy")  


As part of her Birthday, I agreed to take Megan out for a Yo! Sushi.

We had a lovely time, chatting, waiting for our meals, laughing, eating lots of yummy plates...

Not literally eating plates.

We had a nice Norwegian man serving us. Megan couldn't understand a word he said however. Bless.

She ordered a crunchy tofu salad, and he told her there was one on the belt.

Five minutes later, still no crunchy tofu salad.
NORWEGIAN MAN: Uhhh... have you not got it yet?
MEGAN: No, I can't find it.
He then spends the next ten minutes looking for it on the belt.

The thing about Yo! Sushi? ANYONE can take plates off the belt. When you see something pass you in one direction, you shouldn't expect it to still be there when the belt comes back.

I mean, food disappears quickly in yo!

Not that quickly.
But you get the point!

Megan's Mum and Dad drove us into town.

Hazel (Megan's Mum) was eating a banana.

Which she... subsequently threw at me. 

To be fair, she was aiming
for Megan and Erin.
Don't ask me why she's depicted as a chicken.
And don't ask me why she's holding such a big banana

Hazel decided to help out the rowers practicing on the river....
MEGAN: It's stroke!
Please note that Hazel screamed this on a bridge... in traffic... with the rowers a hundred feet away from her. Deary me.

I know what she's going to get
for her Christmas

Onto "Take 32" (It's actually Take 2, but I got confused and called it Take 32), the coolest charity shop in Aberdeen.

Megan got two tops from there and offered to buy me a frog.

It was a productive day, ended with eating "Pish food" (i.e. Phish food from Ben and Jerry's.

Dude... It's amazing.

Lauren xxx

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