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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Disturbing things to see on the back of a car.

Two signs that do not go well together.

The adorable sign that is "CAUTION: Grandparent driving"

D'aaaw, bless.

And this sign...

Nothing scarier than a horny Grandparent, I swear.

But that is exactly the two signs I saw on Friday, on my way to meet Halle and Harrison to see "Mr Popper's penguins".

Got the biggest hug ever from Harrison when I saw him, the rate he was running towards me, I was almost positive that I was going to be staring at the ceiling when he finally bumped into me. I managed to keep my dignity and remain on my feet...

I threw away that saved dignity when I began jumping with him in the middle of Aberdeen's busiest shopping centres. Dignity is for the classy and boring anyways!

To further destroy any shred of dignity I had left, we headed down to the apple store for a picture taking session:

Yes. This is who's thoughts, concerns
opinions and stories you are reading.
The exit button is on the top right hand 
corner of your screen.
I apologise for the nightmares.

Speaking of the apple store...

I enjoy finding scary pictures on an iPad and locking the screen on that picture, so when someone unlocks it, they are "greeted" with a scary picture.

I feel guilty admitting that, but it's funny to do!

It works in other ways too of course, for example, you could lock it on this picture:

Or on your idols, which Halle decided to do:

Or decide to shock people into laughing... like I did:

We wanted to stick around to watch people's reactions, but we had already ordered our dominos so we had to leave those images, along with this:

To the unsuspecting public.

After demonstrating our "inner peace" to each-other (don't even ask) we sat down and chilled out... listening to Halle's new headphones.

Sorry... Halle's DAD's new headphones.

He seems to wear them more than Halle does! 

Probably had one of the best movie talks I've ever had on Friday too.

With Halle's Mum, she's so cool.

When a movie geek meets another movie geek, there's an awesome moment that can only be described in pictures...

It's a mixture of this:

and that.

At the end of the night (after Halle spilt the Phish food ice-cream all over her sheets and blamed it on a nose-bleed and a long time after Halle and her Mum did the LMFAO shuffle in the kitchen) Harrison gave me another hug and told me I was his best friend.

My heart melted.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love the Stuart family.

Lauren xxx

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