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Sunday, 10 July 2011

What's the difference between 1.2 hours and 80 minutes?

Correct answer? Nothing.
Chloe's answer? Everything.

I spent Thursday crying with laughter, eating domino's pizza and watching "Despicable me"... twice.

 Minions rule, don't even try to deny it.

I haven't seen Chloe in ages, even though I count her as one of my best friends and she only lives fifteen minutes away. Life sucks like that, for no good reason, you begin to lose contact with people you love the most. Although, in a way, I think space and time apart is a great thing, because the people that really care about you will get back in touch, and still want to be part of your life, and those who don't? They don't get back in touch. They just seem to forget about you.

So if you have one of those friends that you don't hear from often, but when you two get talking again, it's as if you've never left each-other's sides, feel grateful. They are a keeper.

Chloe came over, and the second we saw one another, we bear-hugged tightly.


Who came up with the phrase "bear-hugging"? I want to know how they managed to hug a bear and live to tell the tale. 

We took half an hour to order from domino's...

Thank God we weren't phoning it in.

We had major difficulty deciding which pizza we should order. I think it took us fifteen minutes just to decide half of the pizza we were going to get! 

This is why two indecisive people shouldn't eat together.

Then Domino's made the fatal mistake and gave us the option to name our pizza...

So we paid homage to "Despicable me" and named our pizza... *drum roll please!*

"It's so fluffy!"

Domino's? If you need someone to help you name your pizza, you know who not to call.

Trust me when I say I would name all of those Pizza's after movie quotes.
The "I'll be back" sounds fairly ominous when applied to foods. They might as well call it the "Food poisoning express"

I told Chloe about the two hedgehogs I had in my backgarden earlier on in the week.

See, I open my window a lot at night and just chill out, letting the cold air hit you whilst you stare into the darkness just to see how far you can see is fairly soothing. However, when you hear a strange noise coming from your garden, paranoia kicks in and you begin to replay every single horror movie you have ever watched in your life in your head.

Then you remember that 99% of those are completely fabricated and the remaining 1% are grossly dramatised for shock value.

After that realisation, I thought it was a raccoon in my backgarden. 

Then I began to doubt myself... Is there such a thing as a Scottish raccoon?

So I went downstairs, grabbed a torch, ran upstairs and shone it onto the "raccoon".

And found out that it was two hedgehogs...

Having sex.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty amazing. Hedgehogs are really prickly... how can the male mount the female without pricking himself?


Please, treat that as a rhetorical question and move on.
CHLOE: You thought they were a raccoon?
ME: Yes! It sounded like a raccoon... and it was dark.
CHLOE: Two hedgehogs don't make a raccoon!
ME: That would make an awesome band name.
After watching "Despicable me", we watched the mini-movies on the disc... they were hilarious!

Nothing like watching a minion say "BANANAAAA" in slow motion to get you laughing.
CHLOE: It all makes sense now [Referring to use of "Coco-cobana" as the karaoke track]
ME: ... That would be the coco-BAnana. 
CHLOE: Close enough!
When you listen to the minions singing "Cococobana", it does sound like "Coco-banana" 

Life is weird like that.

Lauren xxx

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