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Monday, 18 July 2011

"That would make an awesome band name!"

"That would make an awesome band name!"
It's my catchphrase.

Robin has:
"Holy *insert random word here* Batman!"
The Hulk has:
"It's clobberin' time!" 
Hell, even Bugs Bunny has:
"Eh, what's up Doc?"
But for some unknown reason, I've chosen:
"That would make an awesome band name".
If I had a shred of musical talent (besides being able to play the electric triangle like a pro of course) then I would actually make up a band with one of these awesome names:

  • Waking up to wisdom
  • Cosmic Panda
  • Suicidal Pirates
  • The Cameron and Lauren band (granted, my five year old cousin created that name)
  • A reggae reggae band I "created" with Kristina... Our song had something to do with Jerk chicken.

Along with a tonne of other names that I've completely forgotten about. I'm going to start writing them down.

I'd love to be in a band!

So if your band is looking for an electric trianglist... hit me up.

Lauren xxx

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