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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mind the step...

Or... don't.
I didn't update you about the midnight screening of the last Harry Potter (a review of which can be found here. And don't worry, there's not a spoiler in sight) and for that, I apologise.

Megan's Dad drove Me, Megan, Glen and a bunch of Glen's mates ("The MILF mobile" is huge.) to Union Square so we could see the movie. 

I got abuse thrown at me on the way there because Megan told the boys that I hadn't watched "Star Wars".

I'll ram your sonic screwdriver somewhere
painful if you don't stop scowling at me Tennant...

Directly before entering the cinema, everyone seemed to go crazy with excitement...

Megan kept saying:
MEGAN: Arreeee Pottaaaa!
Which is, if you couldn't tell already, Harry Potter with a childlike accent. Turns out, her sister Erin used to say Harry Potter like that when she was little, and the reference had stuck ever since.

A huge majority of Aberdeen turned out for the midnight screening.

Laura, Cameron and Ewan being three of the people that we knew who turned up.

Laura and Cameron had "I must not tell lies" on their hands

Written in pen, they weren't actual scars!
ME: Glad you didn't go hard-core there...
CAMERON: What? By getting a knife and carving it into our arms?
Don't get any ideas kids...

Waiting in the line to get into the screens (I'm pretty sure that cineworld sold out on tickets for the entire ten screens) was a strange experience, because the atmosphere reminded me so much of the atmosphere directly before a concert. 

People were dressed up, everyone was psyched for the film and it was just one of the most amazing feelings I've ever experienced within the four walls of a cinema...

Our screening was amazing too, the audience began cheering once the lights went down for the film to begin, they laughed at the funny parts, cried during the sad parts and applauded once the film ended.

During some of the more upsetting scenes, my eyes would dart to the left, and out of my peripheral vision, I'd see people casually dabbing their eyes with tissues... Everyone knew that Harry Potter, the franchise that epitomised their entire childhood, was about to end. The people on screen weren't actors... they were their friends. They were part of their lives. And after that movie was finished? They were going to vanish. Never to be seen again. 

I think that's what upset people more than anything, the finality of it all.

Someone fell over... she was attempting to run up the stairs so she wouldn't miss anything but all that happened was step, step FLUMP.

You feel horrible for doing it, but you've got to laugh.

Don't believe me?
Ask Nelson.

Lauren xxx

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