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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

God vs Wii


It's not a fair fight, is it?

However, I would LOVE to see God attempt to get a perfect game at Wii baseball... it's impossible! I swear it!

How could that possibly tie in with my day to day life? Well...

I saw some guy hauling a miniature billboard saying "God vs wii" on the back of his bike last Friday...

Aberdeen is strange like that.


It was the last ever study period with my old Geography teacher, Mrs McKay.

She's sweet... a little obsessed with this:

But hey, it's beautiful, there are much worse things she
could be obsessed over...

Like... that.

And Mrs Gray was leaving as well, poor gal. She's been waiting to retire for a couple of years now.

Someone asked her if she was sad she was leaving:
MRS GRAY: Part of me is sad... *grins* But I'm mostly happy!
Putting it bluntly, She deserves a medal for lasting this long. I'd ask if they gave her a retirement present, but hey, it's Kincorth Academy. I'd be shocked if they gave her a piece of toast from the Hot Bar for free of charge.

The pupils gave her lots of presents however. She was loved. Her wee smiling face will be missed in the corridors.

Michelle might not miss her however...
I think she'd be indifferent to the matter.

Michelle and Mrs Gray didn't get along. 

We were called down to the science lecture theatre (you know, the one with the most uncomfortable seats in history) for a Prefect meeting.



It was the last day of school, what did we really expect to happen?

Dougal did a speech as the new captain, but Bev was finding it difficult to take him seriously, what with everyone either giving him the evil eyes, or saluting him.

It wasn't a serious salute, 
Just saying.

People need to let it go!! Dougal isn't actually an power-hungry dictator, he just pretends to be to get a reaction.



Kincorth are attempting to be multi-cultural.

What does this mean?

They go onto google, type in "Translator" and print off an A4 sheet that gives different translations of "Art Room".

Mr McDonald proudly holds up this sheet.
MR McDONALD: This is what this room looks like in other countries.
MEGAN: Oh, does the room look the same? 
Moving on from that misunderstanding...

Kelly decided to try on a pair of crazy sunglasses, turn to face a CCTV camera and do a little groovy dance.
KELLY'S MUM: ... You know that's a CCTV camera, right?
KELLY: *taking off glasses* Yup. 
Who are we to argue with that child's logic?

Although, I pointed out that if there was a robbery taking place behind her, the CCTV would have to go onto crimewatch, and the nation would see Kelly, pulling moves that even hippies would be too embarrassed to do, whilst a robbery took place.

Like this.
But Kelly wouldn't be robbing the store.

The fire alarm went off whilst we were still in stitches. 
MR WHYTE: The Fire alarm was pulled maliciously...
Oooh, big wo...
MR WHYTE: We will be offering anyone with information on who pulled it £20...
 ME: Linzie, can I blame you for it? I'm a little low on cash right now.
She said no... damn it.

At night, I went to the cinema with Halle to see "Bad Teacher"

There was a lot of dry humping references following that movie.

I think it was a perfect way to kick start the Summer holidays!

Lauren xxx

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