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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Want Shlammed? Get shlammed.

Sixth year is more awesome than it was yesterday, and much better than the day before.

Maybe that's because I did... nothing?

Me and Linzie appear to be able to fit a conversation with Dr Robertson in the morning. 
DR ROBERTSON: And 6th years are meant to be going to the Duthie Park tomorrow...
LINZIE: Are we?
DR ROBERTSON: Have you not been told?
ME: It's Kincorth Academy, of course we haven't been told!
Then, Linzie told me about Bus Man yesterday...
LINZIE: We had to tell the class why we took Business Management, what our favourite subject is and what our favourite movie is.
I laughed at this point, because I know that Linzie's favourite movie is, somewhat ashamedly, "About a boy".

And I also know that Linzie attempts to hide this fact from people who do not know her well, i.e. Psychology medical students inquiring about our movie preferences.

Turns out, she admitted to "About a Boy" being her favourite film.

So proud of her!

Sit around in a hall
 and do nothing for
fifty minutes.

Somehow, we probably ended up doing something more "constructive" than we would have done in study.

We got in groups and sat down, cross legged, like toddlers.

Then Mrs Murray yabbled on about the Duthie Park day... which is tomorrow. Told you, my school is so unorganised.

Got to hug Liam though, so it wasn't a complete waste of a period. Love that (not so) little dude like he was my Brother.

I can remember him when he had blonde hair! (If you know Liam, that would be a shocking statement)


I had the rest of the day off after that.

Instead of going home (which would have probably been more productive), I stayed in school, chilling in the common room.

I'm totally the polar bear that is lying down,
chilling like there's not a care in the world.

Chris and Niaomi went down to Asda to pick up supplies for the common room. They came back, laced with sweat, holding three bags full of yummy goodies for us all.
Like the nursery rhyme.

Apart from the small technicalities that:
a) They are not sheep
b) They are not black
c) They do no come from a knit shop.
d) They carried something more exciting in that bag
than mere wool....


Safe to say, most of the 6th years had a crisp after that.

Also, a fairly bad addiction to toast.

Yeah, Abie brought in a toaster. What a little legend.


Conor is called "Shlam" (Don't ask)

Everyone in our year calls him "Shlam", most of the people in our year draw a caricature of him, making various one liners all around him.

Last Wednesday's were possibly the best I've ever seen.

Just a picture of "Shlam", with a girl in the background saying "I got shlammed" and several other speach bubbles, including:
Bigger, better, bisexual
Once you see my rack, you'll never go back
I also found out that, at Lunch (and only at Lunch), you get an amazing goodbye from the people sitting in the common room.

You say bye, then another person says bye, and another, and another, and a couple more yet, till the point where the goodbye becomes so prolonged, the first people to say bye feel obliged to do so again, and it results in a heavenly noise...

Okay... not quite heavenly but it's a beautiful thing! Makes you feel loved!

Lauren xxx

(There was more, but it was last week, and I've forgotten everything. My bad)

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