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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Walking down the street can make you bad ass...

Don't agree with me?
Watch this.

Would you mess around with Tim Roth?
Would you mess around with him!?

Mr Orange is my favourite Resevoir Dog. Are we even meant to call them Resevoir Dogs? I know that is the name of the movie, but is that what they are called collectively?

I still remember having the conversation with Sara on MSN (Yes! MSN. That's how long ago this conversation took place, MSN was still cool at this point) about "Resevoir dogs". 

She firmly believed that the film was about dogs. 

In fact, the only "doggish" reference in "Reservoir dogs" is this line:

As you can probably tell, I watched "Resevoir dogs" yesterday.

Fantastic movie, well worth a watch if you haven't already gotten round to it.

Missed the bus to school, nothing new there, but ended up waiting half an hour just to see one... I swear it came out of no-where. It usually does.

It was okay though, ended up getting on the same bus as Andrew, Zoe and Ben. Me and Andrew got talking about Mr Jingles ("Green Mile" mouse).

My Dad thought his name was Mr Bojangles.

Mr Bojangles is the name of a song Frank Sinatra sang.

Frank Sinatra was a member of the Rat Pack.

A rat is closely related to a mouse.

Therefor Mr Jingles was Frank Sinatra's mouse.

We unravel the truth.

Somehow (don't ask how), we began talking about serial killers, and how they eat cereal for breakfast, but how disgustingly unorthodox and strange it would be for a serial killer to eat toast for breakfast (Serial Killer vs. Cereal Killer).

Ben then said he didn't like Sugar puffs. And that the dude on the front of the packet looked like a yellow bush bunny.

When you type "Bush Bunny" into google, 
this is the first image that comes up. 
This means there is no such thing as
a bush bunny.

Bush babies however?

You're welcome for the nightmares.


First period of sixth year P.E. and I can inform you that....

It's the exact same as fifth year P.E., we do nothing.
ME: Hello!
*sits down*
MEGAN: Hello!
ME: How are you?
KELLY: I got bitten.
ME: Oh no... what by?
KELLY: A three year old. 
I love my friends. But sometimes
 you should refrain from questioning
why a certain thing was said or done,
or how it came about to being said
or done. 

These were one of those times.

I still don't know why a three year old bit her. I knew she was baby sitting, but the toddlers motives? God knows.


After buying my book on how to make polymer clay jewelery based on food items and having a mad brainstorming session in which I basically came up with sixteen or seventeen separate ideas for interesting jewelery designs, I was pretty psyched to getting started in this period.

Imagine my horror when he turns to me and says:
"You should do landscape photography, based on Aberdeen parks."
Phsyically? I nodded. Damn conforming head of mine!

Mentally? I screamed in anguish. As you all know, photography is a huge passion of mine, but parks? I felt like beating my head repetitively against the wall at the mere thought of it. The idea has been used so many times, it could be described as the metaphorical "village bicycle". Everyone has used (or thought about using it) at one point of the course.

Kelly helped me transform this idea though.

Influenced by the photography of street artist/photographer Slinkachu, I would be exploring different social issues such as poverty, crime, racism etc through the use of miniature figures placed in a real world setting.

The size of the objects linking to these social issues dwarfs that of the individual figure itself, which symbolises the solidarity and overwhelmed sensation you get when personally affected by said social issue.

Some examples of Slinkachu's work:

The guy is such an inspiration! I love his work. Definitely check him out. His photos range from the thoughtful to the amusing. It is guaranteed to stir some emotional reaction from within you!

After that? Boom. Home free.

I watched "Fragments" and "Reservoir dogs" and then spent the next twelve hours reading Orwell's "Nineteen eighty four".

During this time, I also made super noodles.

I had to phone my Mum, to ask which pan I had to use.

We have an induction hob now you see...

She made me phone back, to say that I was okay and that I didn't burn the house down.

Thanks Mum.

Lauren xxx

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  1. 1984 is a masterpiece and I'm so glad you've watched Reservoir Dogs. I always have Tarantino days and watch everything in order. Do that and your film education is pretty much complete. :D