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Friday, 3 June 2011

Three sides don't make a triangle

Love those days where you meet someone you either:

a) Haven't spoken to in a long time.

b) Haven't really spoken to at all.

c) Haven't ever spoken to.

It reminds you that the people you know might be amazing, but there's another 6 billion people out there, just waiting for you to speak to them, just 
waiting to be your friend.

So, in that aspect, Wednesday ruled!

However, I had an exam and it didn't go that great...

Which I am majorly annoyed about. If you ask me any question from the past papers, I'd get it straight away! The questions were the things I didn't really 
revise.... so annoying.

However, that being said, I got to go out to see Francesqa at night with 
Kristina, Jan and Erin.

Kristina asked me not to let her drink, because she had an exam the next day.

She seemed to forget this about five minutes into the night:
KRISTINA: One drink! Just one little drink...
ME: NO! Or I will pancake you!
KRISTINA: I haven't eaten much today... I would quite like a pancake.

You don't want one of Kevin's pancakes. They hurt.

Kristina ís one hilarious kiddy, she was telling me about the fourth year who calls her "Christina Aguillera"
KRISTINA: I am Christina Aguillera! I'm just not as pretty and I can't sing. *hangs head in shame*
Bumped into one of my friends, Sam, and her friend, Louise, at Cafe Drummonds, when we were trying to get inside the venue.

Gave her a big hug. Sam is such a cool kid. She loves Autumn in Disguise, which is the band that were playing first.

Have a listen! They were awesome supporting Francesqa!

Although, their guitarist, David, was a bit of a nutcase.

In the most amazing way!

He stage dived, mid riff, into the crowd.

The crowd thought "f**k that" and moved to the side.

Like this. But more a fail because the only thing that
was catching him was the ground.

Stage diving:

Expectations: You will float majestically above the crowd like a rock God.

Reality: No-one is catching you other than the floor.

Got to point out (for no reason at all really) that the floors in Cafe Drummonds are incredibly sticky.

I do not know why, I do not want to know why. I just know that they are.

It really doesn't help when you go into the bathrooms and see "Best night ever" scrawled on the bathroom wall.
ME: I seriously hope that was written because of the music and not because of something that happened in that bathroom stall...
That was everyone's reactions Whoopi.

On a less disturbing note, I got to meet my Paramore fan club buddy, Steve!!

Steve is a lovely guy, with a great taste in music. He played a game with Kristina, Jan and Erin called "guess my age".
STEVE: I'll give you a clue, my first concert was in 1970. Black Sabbath.
ME: Not a bad first concert to go to!
STEVE: And I wasn't three when I went either!
ME: You'd be a little rocking baby if you were!!
KRISTINA: Just rocking the pram, back and fourth to the sound of Black Sabbath.
STEVE: This was when Ozzy Osbourne was still sane!
ME: Ozzy Osbourne was once sane?! 
I convinced someone I could play the electric triangle on Wednesday. Felt like a legend, haha!

It has been decided that triangles are taken for granted in the world of rock, so we are going to make up a four person triangle band called "Three sides don't make a triangle".

Awww yeah!

Some girl (drunk out of her mind like) tried to crowd surf.

It went well until you could see the audience losing the will to carry her and slowly she began to tilt to 45 degrees until... thud. Another one on the floor.

Seriously people, don't crowd surf at Cafe Drummonds!

Kristina fell in love with Steve's life motto:
"When you stop you stop for good , so never stop just keep on going!"
One: I don't think that's his life motto... but that is his mentality and it ROCKS. Why let age dictate what music you listen to? Or what bands you can perform live? Remain young in spirit, because your body gets older everyday, and remaining young in spirit is the only way to hold onto your youth. 

Two: Even if that was Steve's life motto, or what he said to us... I think we murdered it... haha! We should have wrote it down!

Steve, if you are reading this, it was lovely getting to meet and chat with you, and I hope you had an amazing time at We are the in crowd tonight!

Lauren xxx

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