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Thursday, 2 June 2011

My inspirations: Pink

Time to unmasked June's inspiration....

You might have heard of a woman called Alecia Beth Moore...

But you probably know her better as the kick ass popstar, Pink.

Typical popstars are almost guaranteed NOT to feature in these types of posts. They conform to everything: The way the world expects them to dress, the music their fans want them to hear, what the public want to hear them say... They wouldn't hesitate to be air brushed, or to strip to the bone for some publicity, or to release a song merely because they know it will get good airplay, despite it's complete lack of depth or meaning...

So it's a good thing that Pink is not your typical popstar.

She's without a doubt, a strong woman, who is not swayed to be anyone else but herself, despite the fame, fortune, success and the ever watching eye of the media that encourages so many others in her position to adopt a public persona.

Pink's personality is clear in every single thing she does, whether it's a music video, a song, an interview or a tweet. The most iconic display of her "I don't give a f**k!" attitude is probably in her video for So What. The world embraced Pink's funloving, rocker self and she was rewarded with a worldwide number one, hit single among countless other awards and nominations. Her latest album, "Funhouse", features some of the rawest songs that Pink has ever sung, her creative energies fueled by her split from then ex-Husband Cary Hart. Songs such as "I don't believe you" and "Mean" are evidently written by someone with a broken heart. 

The good news? They didn't stay split for long.

Now, they are back together, as strong as ever and Pink is expecting a baby in the very near future. Although, becoming pregnant wasn't easy...
ELLEN DEGENERES: Was this planned?
PINK: I worked for it.
And, in the same interview, she revealed why she was so hesitant to reveal her pregnancy straight away:
PINK: I have had a miscarriage before....
It's one of the things that so many women experience in their lives yet no-one ever talks about. I can't imagine what it feels like, to lose the life that is growing inside of you before it even had a chance to live... I respect Pink so much for bringing it up, even if it was just commenting that it is a hardship that she has dealt with in her life, as once again, fans can relate to Pink on a more personal level, rather than the false relationship that 90% of other celebrities share with their fans.

But one thing that very few people can relate to is Pink's seemingly endless willingness to give. 

A dedicated PETA campaigner, Pink has a real desire to lend her beautiful voice to those who cannot speak, animals. Not phased by anyone's social stature, she has written scathing letters to the likes of Prince William, criticizing him for hunting Foxes and expressing her concern over the use of real fur in the bearskins of the Royal Guards to the likes of the Queen. She also works with charities such as UNICEF, Save the children, World Society for the protection of animals, Take back the Night and the Human Rights campaign as well as donating $250,000 of her own money to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. 

It's only after reading the list of Pink's humanitarian causes that we can truly appreciate how fantastic this woman is, and how selfish the majority of us are in comparison. When was the last time you gave money to charity? Or helped someone in a rough situation out? What have you done, or achieved today that has made you proud of yourself? Pink may be able to donate sizable sums of money that we, as "normal" people simply cannot afford, but time and dedication is something that you cannot put a price upon, and these two things are just as important as the money when it comes to charity... so what's our excuse for not lending our hand to at least one good cause?

And of course, the inspirational quality that I admire the most in people: Their eagerness to spread the word on individuality.

Let's face the facts: Pink has always been a little "out there" (And I mean that in the most loving, respectful way possible). Her outfits have ranged from timeless classics to unique outfits, designed specifically for her, to plain and simple, "chilling out" clothes. Pink looks amazing in all of them and do you know why? 

Apart from being an all round gorgeous girl, she wears her clothes with confidence and, as I've said before, anything worn with confidence is beautiful.
"Break every stereotype you can think of! challenge anybody! No matter how old, stand up for what you believe in! Love yourself, appreciate what you have....cry a lot cause it helps!"
Pink's music and wise words have not become another meaningless symbol of pop culture, but rather a constant reminder to her millions of dedicated fans that their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful and that life always gets better.

It always does, but we all need a reminder of that from time to time.

Lauren xxx

P.S. Previously did a blog post that was solely on her bravery for putting out the video for "F*ckin' perfect", that ties in with this post, as I don't think you can truly appreciate her as one of the only brave, innovative artists in the music industry of today until you watch it. 

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