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Monday, 20 June 2011

Maybe you can help me out?

I've had enough of solo blogging...

Just kidding! But I really would like to include others people's thoughts and opinions on this blog, and also to give you an interesting perspective on life (i.e. one different to you own) so I'm asking you, my faithful readers, to help me out a little.

Basically, I want to make a post featuring one piece of advice from some inspirational people. Preferably, I'd like three hundred and sixty five people to take part, one piece of advice for every single day of the year, but that's not likely to happen! So I'll settle for one hundred. No fun if you don't set yourself a little bit of a challenge!

It can be as long or as short as you like. It could be written to your friend, your family, your generation or just to someone you feel needs to hear it. It could be written for anybody, on anything. Life, love, friends, religion, attitudes... whatever!

Just try not to sound too preachy! And please, don't copy someone else's words! Advice means nothing if it doesn't come from the heart!

I'll start things off ^_^

"Don't feel as though you need to change your image in order to be liked. It's so common in modern day society to be under the impression that there's a certain height, weight and image that insures popularity. That's not true. Dieting, fake tanning or getting plastic surgery will do nothing but change your appearance in the mirror. You will never feel as though you are good enough for everyone else but believe me when I say that you are better than them all, you are better than the vanity obsessed popular kids, you are better than your bitchy co-workers and you are better than your judgemental so-called "friends". The only beauty that counts cannot be seen, your inner beauty will remain in tact long after the conventional ideas of "beauty" have disappeared from your face. 
Don't let anyone destroy your inner beauty."
It's far from perfect, but you get my jist!

If you could help me out here, I would be so grateful! 

Thanks in advance!

Lauren xxx

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  1. Oh well Lauren, looks like it's down to me to give you a hand here first! Stand by for some homespun philosophy...

    Try to banish the phrases "if only" and "what if" from your life. We are on this planet for a relatively short time in the grand scheme - and certainly not long enough for regrets. If it's the right thing to do, don't just think about it: do it. Fame and fortune are beyond the reach of all but a few, but being a good person is achievable by everyone. And in my view, that's worth so much more. My choice for an epitaph wouldn't be "he was brilliantly clever" or "he was rich and famous" - I would be happy with "he was an OK guy".