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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lucozade energy... GET SOME!

Product placement? 
Me? No! Never!

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Lucozade. They are not paying me for mentioning their damn product in my blog. I do not drink the stuff. In fact, the only ties I have to Lucozade will be revealed within the following post.

Great. Now the legal stuff is out of the way, let's get onto the illegal stuff!

Nah, just kidding! Other than a few kids drug-dealing in registration, there's nothing illegal that is happening.


You know what should be made illegal though?

Using bull sperm (i.e. Taurine) in energy drinks.

Especially when wanting to use emo
bull sperm.

No. I am sorry, but I do not want to drink something that has bull sperm in it!!

Sure, they say it's not bull sperm. It's artificially made taurine. But you can't be too careful these days!

Especially when Sam said this:
SAM: You can buy shots of bull sperm in Spain.
SAM: Yeah! They just wank off the bull and you drink it straight up.

Imagine having that job?

I don't think I'd be too pleased with my life if that is the only job I can manage to get...

The bull doesn't seem so enthused at the 
prospect of getting a hand job by Mr Brokeback
 Mountain here

Remind me not to order a "Sex on the farm" cocktail in Spain...

Actually, remind me not to order any cocktails in Spain. I have a feeling they put an emphasis on the first four letters...


We actually did some work, I am so proud of us!

By "some work" I mean exercise. 

And by "exercise", I mean doing teddy bears rolls and attempting to do bench presses.

In between this... *yawns* very tiring session of P.E, Abie did some advertising work for lucozade.
ABIE: *gently stroking bottle* Lucozade energy... *thrusts bottle towards us energetically* GET SOME!!
Abie also did a yoghurt "advert", a classier version.

I think Abie would make a good spokesperson. 

If she makes it in front of the camera that is...

Lewis (as the only person who ever seems to do proper P.E. these days) was using the bench press, and abandoned it after a few pushes. So, being the alpha females we are, Abie, Kelly, Megan and I decided to give it a bash.

25kg is really heavy.

Abie tried to push it up as hard as she could (bless her, you saw the determination on her face) but it didn't budge.

So she tried to get up and bam! Right into the part you push up to lift the weight.

I can't speak though, because I couldn't budge the weight one bit and I didn't even know what a teddy bear roll was!


Mr McDonald wanted Aaron to do costume design... based on the sea.
MR McDONALD: A lot of designers are male...
EVERYONE'S INNER THOUGHTS: They are also all gay. 
Does Aaron really fit in with the likes of these blokes?

You might not know Aaron, so on his behalf.

The poor boy only wanted to do landscapes!

Now, he's getting stuck with costume design?

*shakes head*

Went home, got changed and was at the bus stop when this lovely lady came over and asked me whether or not I had any change for a fiver.

I checked.

I did not.

It was in order to get on the bus... and I couldn't leave her there! So I said that I'd go up to the shops and get some change for her.

You should have seen her face. I haven't seen someone so grateful in a long time.

So I came back with her change and she wanted me to take the fiver, but that's not fair, so I told her to keep it.

Awww, I just about died with happiness at her reaction, she kept thanking me and saying "I hope to bump into you sometime soon!" and she even waved to me when I got on the three.

So adorable... Can I adopt her as my Grandma? I still don't know what to do without a grandparent... I've started finding substitutes, it's getting fairly serious!

I almost adopted Ms Young as my Grandma. She's adorable, I just want to feed her tea and biscuits all day.

As said, it's getting fairly serious.

Japanese tourists were in Aberdeen yesterday too...

They are so cute. With their big ass cameras and their tendency to take pictures of everything.

No joke, they were taking pictures outside of Peckhams and Waterstone's.

Go to the landmarks and take pictures there people!

Lauren xxx

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