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Monday, 27 June 2011


This is badminton:

This is not:
Got that?



You know how last week, we actually did something in P.E?

What can I say, we're back to our old ways.

Me and Kelly did, however, sit on the cycle-y machines (excuse my technical jargon) and...

Observed people.

Mainly the game of "tennis" that Laura, Sam and Rachel were playing.

It wasn't Tennis, they were hitting the tennis ball like a shuttlecock, so they were technically playing badminton.

Other end of the hall? Dougal, Andrew, Andrew, Lucas, Aaron and Chris playing badminton... that resembled an extremely intense game of tennis.

I say intense?

Dougal and Aaron had the best celebrations ever.

Dougal put his hands up in the air in jubilation. Aaron then practically tackled him, giving him possibly one of the greatest bro hugs in the history of bro hugs...

It looked like this...
But much more heterosexual.

Liam came over (with his cool, new, blue streak in his hair) and complained because he couldn't whistle.
ME: Blow a feather 100 times!
LIAM: Wha?
ME: It learns you how to whistle! Wait... I think I got that information from a Disney magazine...
KELLY: Because a Princess is a reliable source of information!
ME: It wasn't a Princess!! It was... the seven dwarves.
KELLY: They are always whistling though!!
ME: Precisely, they had to learn how to whistle too! They didn't come out of the womb whistling!
KELLY: How do you know? They were made by witches!
I don't understand that kids logic sometimes... So I googled it.
Google doesn't know.
Therefore, no-one knows.

If that conversation wasn't weird enough for you...
ME: What would be the weirdest appliance to date?
KELLY: ... a tumble dryer.
ME: They've got a good spin cycle though!
KELLY: But it's slow, doesn't do a lot and actually removes the wetness out of things. 
Bad appliance for a long term relationship.

And yes, I did honestly have that conversation today. Shoot me.


Kelly played about with some tinsel today...

Not a lot happened. Our Art class is fairly uneventful! 

Man... I should really start doing some work in that class.

After the Summer holidays, I swear!

Lauren xxx

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